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  1. I would like to know if the server is still working, I haven't logged in for years, and if anyone knows how to configure a key for example "F1" = "!buy".
  2. Hello everyone, After time I publish, a post I hope they are well It has been 3 long years since I received the ban, Were years of suffering of not being able to play with you, And I really would like to play again, I did not say it out of shame before My story, was that I trust a person close, my computer, This person installed a program and was aimbot, I did not know until I received the ban, That person confirmed to me that it was aimbot, I did not know what to do, I was going for the third year of playing, And upon receiving the punishment Was felt, like collapsing a tower of cards of 1000 floors or more Several told me to appeal But I was ashamed of it. T_T This is my story, I also regret having created another account Instead of appealing, I am very sorry. I hope they can remove the fault (ban), I would love to play with you again. Like those years of glory. Thank you for reading this post, Success and luck for all. Sincerely, Shippuden (I have a bad English =)) Steam_ID:STEAM_1:0:51940884
  3. is not the news, delicate things is best done in private than public. or in the appropriate forum also, a person knows when is prohibited. hopefully no longer touch more about my, rather, of the tournament I'll be waiting, with enthusiasm the date xD
  4. but, I ask, by date, that make public something private? and also forbidden to comment on the forum? this is not the right forum to post concerning the ban as will be used the stream, I wanted to see him and lift my pompoms xD for support by chat. I hope it stays, the tournament for players to have fun.
  5. Excellent, now everything will be fairer, Now I'll have to give my points, to more players xD
  6. do not worry, I will give you, all my points
  7. do not forget the commentators xD if they implement the live stream English and / or Spanish xD
  8. Why not organized by you? Step up! because my English is bad xD great, thanks for organizing a tournament.wish is implemented on twitch.tv . xD
  9. More than one will be waiting for the tournament, I would not be exaggerated, but if everything goes, alright, perhaps, can do a world tournament, well as games counter, dota 2, etc etc. See a world tournament "l4d2" organized by administrators. would be great. expect more news of possible tournament.
  10. Day will be according to the server logs, that is, there is increasing number of players trying to enter and / or playing. Great xD It may be 5 vs 5 with 2 extra players. the same rules would be great, but we must see if there is any advantage for 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8 is different to play 10 vs. 10 all season would be good, implement the livestream would be great to see it from anywhere in the world xD
  11. I think if you meet all, the administrators, I'm sure it would more than a pleasant and memorable tournament with appropriate rules and days for the tournament.
  12. I wanted to learn, if there is the possibility of a tournament l4d2, I know it's hard to gather 20 people in one day, but I think that administrators can make a repestable tournament and people have fun. Maybe a 4 vs 4, 2 vs 2, etc etc. And the prize, be the first to get satifaccion for example. I hope someday organizen a tournament, and so to have a good time with everyone, Thanks for reading this topic "A united team It is a difficult team to beat "
  13. hahaha, lol to remember. burning my last cartridge and I sigh. Epic battle.
  14. Here, them I share, Warcelona of the Friday, Hope you like it xD. PD: Sorry, bad director of camera xD Warcelona - Part 1 Warcelona - Part 2 Warcelona - Part 3 Warcelona - Part 4 "A united team It is a team, hard to beat"
  15. Shippuden


    no, you are here to rank up 50 points in the first 2 minutes of the match and tank it out before anyone else even gets 30 XD XD. true Story
  16. Shippuden


    I came to heal, Carlos
  17. thank you, for those who are Lima Peru, time is 8 pm if searching by country, in google, enter 9pm EDT + <country> example 9pm EDT + Lima Peru = 8PM
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