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  1. I just viewed the sourceban for me and it said I was mic spamming. I do not have a mic. So this might have been an accidental ban. Thank you to whoever can fix this.
  2. I was a GCFTW regular for a long time. Haven't played regularly in months, joined today, promptly banned less than 30 mins into my game session. Was not warned at any point that I was being banned. I do not rush, I do not swear. I may have been using the voice coms but I didn't think it would be considered spamming. If it was for that reason, I will unbind the voice com key (as nice as it is to communicate with the team as someone without a mic). Also, I will refrain from using it as such. Added information to help: It was on L4D2 server #1 In-game name {GbK}Cobb SteamID: STEAM_0:0:2850796
  3. Cobb

    GC L4D2 Update

    If anything, just put up a chat message or something that it is in testing mode or something. So people don't complain that everything isn't working proper.
  4. Cobb

    Membership Gummy

    I will say that I find that if you are not connected to Steam serves (ex.: Steam friends list not working), the admin commands don't work. It happened the other day when Steam servers went offline briefly. When it came back on, the admin commands started to work again. Unless this happens to you every time you visit the server, then there might be something configured wrong?
  5. Cobb

    Regarding the new plugin idea

    Just thought of a cool name for both tank unannounces. Stealth Tank Limit and Stealth Tank Buy.
  6. Hey all, I'm currently using a Turtle Beach HPA2 headset. It's one of those true 5.1 headsets with 4 drivers in each cup. However, I'm using them with only the 2 stereo drivers in Dolby Headphone mode and they sound fantastic. With the exception of the right side earcup sub driver being busted. Oh, and I lost the mic so I can't really communicate effectively in game. Anyway, I'm looking to replace/upgrade and just wanted to get a feel of what all of you are using as your primary headphones/headset. Thanks, Cobb
  7. Cobb

    Suiciding as a tactic

    I use suicide tactic all the time. Mostly because I'm too far from the survivors or I accidentally spawned in with the wrong infected.