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  1. blqmagic

    Let's Discuss Dangerous Witches

    I still want to keep infected as vanilla as possible. That's why you don't see all these ridiculous upgrades for infected classes. well if possible can we just add regular witch and dangerous witch to the SI Menu?? It gives the player the option of picking which one they want.
  2. blqmagic

    Dangerous Witches

    I think it should be like Russian roulette with purchase of a regular witch or dangerous witch. They should look the same and the caption should still state "blah blah blah made nick's ex-wife appear." I think it makes the game a little more surprising especially when players are trying to crown a witch.
  3. blqmagic

    Dangerous Witches

    Ok so instead of just getting rid of Dangerous Witches, can we just put Dangerous Witch in the Special Infected menu. This will give the player a choice between a Regular witch and Dangerous Witch to randomly spawn.
  4. blqmagic

    Dangerous Witches

    I really dont see the problem at hand. In order to use dangerous witches to its full potential the team has to plan out where they are gonna put the witches. It just like any other set up i L4D2.
  5. blqmagic

    Would You have Stayed?

    Not to be the negative person and trouble maker but those 2 comment are the ones that I have problems with. The first comment I do agree with. No one new should have to go thru that as a new comer. When your new to the server everyone tries to help. When I was new to the server I had no mic and i didn't know squat about the server and the system set up but everyone helped me. I heard people tell me what to do or I saw them type what I should type in the chat or do on the map which was great and I still see people doing this for the new comers on the server. It is helpful and great that we have these people on the server to help but when we have new comers on the servers not listening or taking the advice vets on the server then it is a problem. They aren't saying oh you have to play this way but they are trying to help out. I still see fresh gamertags rushing ahead of everyone getting killed which hurts everyone else trying to help. I see some fresh faces not helping incaps up or providing covering fire which hurts the team. Its annoying which causes everyone to flipout which i do understand why it happens. Im not saying its right but i understand it. The who spit and die situation is a weird one because I have heard admins (not saying no name) threaten to kick and ban or seen them kick and ban a player because they dont spit and die. Personally i think people should spit and die especially when we are at key pin points because it helps the team out. Like i stated at the beginning i am not trying to be the negative person but we do have problems on the server from time to time. I would say that COMMUNICATION is key for both admins and members when playing on the server. players should keep an ear out for plans or advice or pay attention to the chat to know whats going on. -blq
  6. blqmagic

    cs go trade

    nothing in particular. now all i have is a CS:GO Weapon Case 3 A simple common skin will work
  7. I have 2 esport and 2 capsule that i am willing to trade. Just want 2 gun skins for all 4 items or I will take 1 statrak weapon for all 4 items. let me kno if you want to trade
  8. I've never been banned (hopefully it stays that way) but when you are banned from a server you need to provide you Username and your steamID. The username is simple to find but some of us don't know were or how to find the SteamID. Provided is a link that works great to find your steamID. The instructions are simple to use and anyone can use it. Please it if you ever get banned. Link: http://steamidfinder.com/
  9. blqmagic

    Tell us what your name means

    Blqmagic Blq = black Im black and I do magic! ta-da jk.... i got my name middle school/high school. In school people would say that I would disappear and reappear like a magician so I was given the name blqmagic.
  10. blqmagic

    Got my Bachelor's degree

    Congratz dude!!
  11. blqmagic

    Word Associationess

  12. blqmagic

    Good Ol' Purchased Fire

    The solution is ban Peanut. I second that motion!!!
  13. blqmagic

    Changing Full Heal

  14. blqmagic

    Good Ol' Purchased Fire

    I dont think the time on how long the fire crate last for is the problem. Really I think it is the price you buying it for. your pay 2 - 3 points for firecrate (dont know price because i never bought them) which in return can give you 4 - 5 point ( more if in the right situation ). Perfect example: The Hallway in Dead Center (part 3) If boomed in that hallway and you put down a fire crate you can get points off of the horde of Zombie: 2 - 4 points for killing spree Killing special infected: 1 - 4 Points Killing Tank: 2 Points Thats a total of: 5 -10 possible points on that situation.
  15. blqmagic

    Word Associationess