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  1. Fix! Thank you so much!
  2. Hello all! So I figured out my issue accessing the gcftw server was due to my client version being out of date, ex:2122 instead of 2123 (something likfe that). The issue is that Steam cloud won't update the client, and I don't see any manual button to update the version of the game. When I go to Downloadable content it just tells me that there are no DLCs avaliable. So I am stuck unable to play until I can find a resolution to update my Left 4 dead 2 game. Please someone help! Thanks, -Wolvesfang.
  3. wolvesfang

    Accessing steam community games

    Ok I found the issue, my game is out of date and steam cloud won't update it. The game won't update by itself either, and there is no updater that I can click to update manually...anyone have any fixes to update my version? Please and thank you for any help!
  4. wolvesfang

    Accessing steam community games

    I just tryed to connect through pasting "connect l4d.gcftw.com" in developer's console, got the error: Invalid host version, expecting 2122, got 2123
  5. wolvesfang

    Accessing steam community games

    Hello, Today I went to join the L4D2 server and the community list of servers never popped up on the bottom right of the screen like it always does. How do I get that back up so I can view and join the server? anyone else have this issue?