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  1. I have recently started a new job at a web hosting company and part of that includes my own VPS - and I was thinking what to use it for and taking over my self hosted wordpress blog that gets 10 hits a month (on a raspberry pi out of my home) seems like a waste for all those resources so I thought why not a game server, and then I thought why not give back to a community that I love? So let me know, I can set you up with ssh access or whatever you want to get the config right, I actually get 3 dedicated IPs so I thought I'd put one of them towards a game server and if I could help you out with a L4D2 server it would be my absolute pleasure. The only thing I ask in return would be membership for as long as I host the server. I don't even want to be an admin, that seems like too much work. Anyway, let me know what you think, the server is in a datacenter in LA and I can share more of the specifics if you all are interested...
  2. LetoII

    Admin vs members 4/3/15 7pm central

    I want to play
  3. LetoII

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    hey mae I hope you recover fully and feel better. I still remember one of the first few times I played on the server and you gave the old 'no swearing' and whatnot message and I said 'I swear I will not curse' or something similar and you had a laugh. It really made me feel welcome, and you are one of the reasons I became a member because I really enjoy playing with you. Even though you have to deal with all the trolls and whatnot, I always appreciate the job you do as admin. I also like playing with you early in the morning (well for me) and a couple days ago when you bought 500pts worth of witches for us to fight was great. Anywho, it hasn't been the same without you around. I miss you and hope you get well soon and come back so we can fight like 30 witches again at 7am EST or whatever time it was.