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  1. UnknownSoldier

    Kicked for racism?

    Now that I think about it I did say one thing, "I just got a 40 point spit, that was awesome!" Is that racist?
  2. UnknownSoldier

    Kicked for racism?

    Uhh not sure what happened here but I just got kicked off the L4D2 server with a message that I was kicked for racism. This has to be a mistake, I joined the server, played one round, and never said or typed anything before the end of the round. What's up?
  3. UnknownSoldier

    Thoughts on increasing afk threshold?

    I'm more talking about at the start of rounds, not during the round. Problem being that I get put to afk and then can't join the team until after they've left the saferoom usually. That leads to a disadvantage. I guess what I'm looking for is more of a little bit longer break before the round starts, not a longer time to be afk during the round. Not a big deal, just thought I'd ask.
  4. UnknownSoldier

    Thoughts on increasing afk threshold?

    Anyone else think the afk timeout should be increased slightly? I often try to run to the bathroom or grab a drink in between rounds and it seems like I get sent to afk right as I get back to the computer. It would be nice to have just a little bit more time between rounds without having to tie a catheter and a beer hat to my body. It would also be nice to have a 1-2 minutes break, unskippable (by readying up, etc), between campaigns. Thoughts, opinions, random non-sequiturs?
  5. UnknownSoldier

    Survivor Bot removal?

    I hate survivor bots no matter which side I'm on. As infected their auto-aim keeps you from doing sneak attacks, and of course the "oh you can see me from 300 feet away through the trees? @*&$#*!!". And as survivor they just hold you back and get you killed trying to keep them safe. I think the best solution would be to spawn as many bots as needed in order to make the teams even, in case there are 1 or 2 more infected. Then let survivors that are killed take over the bots and continue playing. That makes babysitting the bot a little more rewarding and gives the humans a reason to do so.
  6. UnknownSoldier

    Please do not read this post.

    You couldn't resist, could you? Since you're here, can you tell me if I need to post here, now that I'm a member, to get added to the server so I can get a reserve slot? I would have PM'd somebody about it but I need 5 posts before I can PM. If I just need to sit and wait patiently, I will. I just didn't want to wait 2 weeks and then have somebody go "well why didn't you post?!??!"