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  1. megahuddle


    is that a thing?
  2. megahuddle


    I'm pretty sure Carlos still have a stream. https://www.twitch.tv/dammitcarlos
  3. megahuddle


    half of the time when i buy a horde nothing happens. 10 points down the drain and not a zombie to be seen.
  4. megahuddle

    Just some ideas I had about different things to do....

    I too would like to know why crash course isn't in the rotation. Great campaign!
  5. megahuddle

    Cannot Join Server # 2

    server crashed and gametracker didnt update. thats all
  6. megahuddle

    Rust first timers. Now is your chance

    Dang it! I just started today and been playin for 5 hours straight^^ oh well. 9pm est would be 3am in Denmark so i guess i'll wait till tomorrow. Havent played Rust in forever, but it looks really good now!
  7. megahuddle

    New Points System Addition

    Yesterday on the first map of Dead center I was playing as infected. The server crashed just about halfway through. When i rejoined the server, the round had just begun and i was now on the survivor team, but with the 35 points i had previously farmed as infected prior to the server crash. Dunno if its fixable or even if its a problem that occurs frequently enough to be dealt with, but it made it a pretty easy round On a sidenote the enemy team had Peanut so we would have probably won either way:P -Bambi
  8. megahuddle

    Charger's Distances

    It would encourage ppl to make some nice charger chains. I approve ^^
  9. megahuddle


    I'm really glad we came to an agreement on this issue Johnny. I will be more careful in the future. Looking forward to see you all. -Bambi
  10. megahuddle


    By the time i drop off that roof top there is absolutely nothing i can do to help out my team on the other side. If that second frame is not a dire situation calling for a justified rush then i guess i dont get it. 2 incaped, 2 pinned, 1 jockeyed and 1 chased by a tank. I dont know what you expect me to do about their situation when i had already dropped down. As i see it i could either wait for you to finish them off and then come after me or i could make use of it and get my team the points to win the round. I'm sorry that i had the foresight to see in which direction this scenario was going. As you point out yourself, i'm a long time member and i do know the rules. Bottom line in this case is that you don't agree/understand my decision to make a run for it and instead of giving me a chance to explain myself (in game) you jump to the conclusion that i'm just another rusher and ban me. I cant help but think that you misjudged the situation. Due to the painfully slow pace of this conversation i'm out. Anyone who play with me on a regular basis could testify that i'm not one to rush and that i do indeed help out my team as much as possible. When this ban is over and i return to the servers i will still be the same player i've always been. To Clony i hope you know that i'm not bringing you into this debate to get you in trouble. I would have clearly done the same thing as you did. I just fellt that our situations were identical enough to prove a point. as to the "return the favour" comment i was merely trying to keep my post light mooded.
  11. megahuddle


    I cant say that i agree with your Decision Johnny. Sadly i dont have video footage to back up the story from my perspective. The first video dont show Clony dropping down and pop adrenalin, as the tank i noticed it and jumped off the roof to try and cut him off but by then he was already in. in the second video you hear Defiant say "okay now its time to run" within 3 seconds (what i had said only seconds before that). As i was in front part of the group, i dropped and started making my way towrds the saferoom, at the time i got to the small room before the drop to the truck i looked back and saw only 1 standing and tank still goin strong. As i was a main i decided to make a run for it. What u fail to understand Johnny is that, while the situation might look calm from your perspective (in the second video) I was fighting off infected on a roof top with Clony as a tank and incap/death messages popping up left and right. nonetheless i feel that a warning would have sufficed in this situation as the rules of rushing are kind of iffy. Once again i just wanna say if you dont agree with my decisions, atleast give me a fair warning before banning me for 3 days.
  12. megahuddle


    Hi.So we were playin first map of dead air 5v5. as we got to the last roof top Clony bought a tank and as half the team was dead i said "time to run for it". I got to the safe room and send out my points, sadly my team werent so lucky. i was a main and my team told me gj, so thought everything was fine untill midway through the next map i got kicked with a ban message:/ I would like to add that on the previous round I bought a tank in the same spot and Clony made a run for it and got to the saferoom. I kinda felt like returning the favour^^ Anyway. I feel like a ban without any form of warning is a bit harsh. I would have complied if you (Johnny) told me what i was doing was wrong. Been playing this game for too long to really care about the scores anyway:) Hopefully i can get unbanned and cya all tonight:) Cheers. Bambi
  13. megahuddle

    Unban Request

    thanks for the quick response.
  14. megahuddle

    Unban Request

  15. So i just found out that i've been banned from the servers. must have happend when i played earlier today though i havn't notticed it till now. i can see the reason is rushing. now i dont have any memory of doin so or gettin warnings. i've been playin on the servers for 2 years now so i know the rules. i cant really say what happend in the situation where i got banned, as i didnt get kicked from the server just left by myself, only to find out now that i've been banned :´(