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  1. True Grit CSGO
  2. Thoughts and prayers with your family Turnbull, I know its not easy to see your step dad this way... Take as much time as you need, we'll be here when you're ready to return
  3. I'll put it this way, I've been playing on a 128 tick server to see how I do... I do *dramatically* better on the 128 tick versus I do absolutely crap on ya'lls 64 tick server.... And that's with 30 players playing all at the same time on these servers... I'm lucky to break 6-8 kills on the 64 tic (here of late I'm lucky to get 5 kills on ya'lls server), I was averaging 15-20 kills on the 128 tick server.... Coincidence? I don't think so. Last map I was 33 and 20 on a 128 tic server. Its time to change it back and see what happens.... Btw, I hate to do this, but outside of Saturday night customs I don't see myself playing on the GC server until this issue is addressed. Its too frustrating to play and knowing my shots should be hitting but they're not, and I feel like slamming my fist into the monitor most nights because its getting tiresome.
  4. I feel as though this topic needs to be re-visited. After the latest update it really seems the registration on the server has taken a nosedive. Sant agrees with my sentiment that maybe this needs to be looked into further. I petition that whoever is responsible for this on the server, to do a re-evaluation since the patch. Because I promise you the registration is a lot worse now. Sant and I are not the only ones who feel this way either. Perhaps its time to bring it back up to 128 tick and see how it runs.
  5. What is the best way to practice that... because I suck at strafe / run shooting... Its one of the main reasons I can't seem to get any better... Recoil I can account for, the other stuff not so much. I've tried doing hard stops but I can't do it consistently. And usually when I do hard stop I get owned, so its a no win situation most of the time.
  6. Congrats to our winners!! you lucky devils you!
  7. Yeah but a ~$150 knife would buy a few nice games... Call me crazy, but I'd actually use the skin... just saying
  8. Saw Woden on today.. haven't seen him in a while. here's to hoping he plays more, never a dull moment when he's on lol
  9. yeah I SS' that map with onyx upside down to lulz Good thing I posted it up first then
  10. Well after adjusting my mouse, cross hairs and other small items I'm doing ok... Still not as good as I used to be lol But I think its ok now... Feel free to delete if you can find no fault for tuning down to 64 tick.
  11. Yikes dude sorry to hear Hope things turn around for you and your family
  12. I know you guys have said that since dropping down to 64 tic that your 'hits' got better... But ever since then my gaming has gone down on the GC server.. I've played a few times on a 128 tic server, and I was a lot better.. I was registering a lot more hits, even against really good players. So I dunno, that's the only thing i can attribute my horribleness now on the GC server. Because I was doing ok, then all of a sudden I took a nose dive, then I found out that you dropped it to 64 tic the same time that was happening to me... Anyhoo, I strongly urge you to be sure you've researched all avenues and information when you say your registration is a lot better, not sure what all of that would entail. Just want to be sure your information is accurate in that statement. Because I seem to be the exception for some reason lol Thank you
  13. got my vote to extend the bomb time if this hasn't been done yet
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