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  1. Jose

    It's been 5 years...

    since my last login to this forum and the L4D2 server. Is the l4d2 server still alive and full of joy? So, hi! Probably nobody remembers me, I used to be a hunter-25 wannabe.
  2. Jose

    Ban Request

    Totally agree with it, he was rushing really bad. I didn't wanted to make another thread, but this guy "deskord" was griefing (STEAM_1:0:77031343). He just jumped on purpose and died at the begining of No Mercy.
  3. I used to do small motds for TF2 and CSS servers back in 2009 but apparently now they've moved to their own webkit integration (the one used in Steam), it does have partial HTML5 support.
  4. No, just some HTML4 basics features EDIT: Also there's no JavaScript or fancy CSS Media queries since it uses an embed IE browser
  5. Jose

    Website Move Updates

    Congrats lad! I'll be able to notice the difference in speed once my ISP stop being so packet-lossy. I remember the headaches nginx gave me two years ago, every web software written in PHP used to only ship with the standard .htaccess that is apache-like webservers only... so I forget that .htaccess had any restriction to a certain folder and users were able to access known php scripts of the forum, specially those that had vulnerabilities like LFI/RFI. So I hope this isn't the case! About CloudFlare... yeah they had a big issue but it was only once (I hope, lol) Many of you in the US won't notice any speed boost, but people outside the US can fetch cached images, scripts in the nearest CloudFlare's edges making the loading page time way shorter. Also I wear this... so I've to advertise cloudflare everywhere! lol
  6. Jose

    Website Move Updates

    Very good news! btw... and a CloudFlare layer would be nicer too!
  7. Jose

    The Flaming Finger

    HAX, MACROO! You finger is fast yeah, but not too fast for a good ceiling pounce heheh Keep working on those skillz man, I want to see more ragging
  8. Jose

    Bad Admins

    With that attitude you won't get any further. To keep up with the server costs, players donate and get a membership and one of it's features is the reserved slot. Secondly, if you do not answer to the admin why you were that far ahead you will get kicked... specially if there's a tank and nobody is able to see the jockey that took you there. That's why admin asks first if you were taken by a jockey/charger/smoker but if you do not answer I think the admin assumes that you just rushed.
  9. Jose

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    I already downloaded the new campaign only to study it's hunting spots and most of the maps are a hunter's paradise! xD And most of them has a lower ceiling so, ceiling pounces!
  10. Jose

    High Ping

    There's a big difference between high ping and packet loss. High latency doesn't affect other players at all, it affects only you because you see every event on the server with a delay of half a second or less depending on your latency at a given moment. However, when your connection between the two points ( you <---> server ) suffers from packet loss specially on your upstream, every player on the server sees you "warping" around and it's really annoying for the survivors when you are a tank, maybe that was the reason for the kick, but isn't fully justified still. For some reason yesterday the hosting company where GC's servers are hosted started to apply *aggressive* packet throttling to a few countries outside the US and for me it was unplayable... everyone saw me really really laggy and it was just too choppy to play, it was a really BIG packet loss issue and wasn't high latency (my latency was the average for me... 210~280).
  11. Jose

    SUGGESTION: Custom Campaigns

    I like TestCharacter's idea. Just uploading one or even two custom campaigns for a very long time might work, plus it would break the monotony of the map cycle L4D2 has
  12. Jose

    World Cup Brazil 2014

    That hurts, I am Argentinian and my surname is german
  13. Jose

    Limiting a class for players

    That's another thing I do, when I see a spitter spitting too late I tend to pounce the survivor that is on the spit and pin him, even though it's a 1 pt pounce.
  14. Hot-spot Shield is a popular VPN service that has proxies in almost every country. I guess you have an extension/plugin in your browser that in some way tries to spy on your navigation habits and/or steal your browser's cookies (that's what the forum and every web application uses to identify you). What browser do you use to visit the forums?
  15. Jose

    Annoying and Condecending Players

    If that player has offended you in any way or any of the teammates regardless being a member/admin then is report worthy. You can make an anonymous report here (only you and the admins can see what you have posted): http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/tracker/project-2-player-reports/