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  1. interested. What about doing it league-ish? Like 3v3 with 4 player teams. Two games a week.
  2. Slim

    Ark Survival: Evolved

    I couldn't get into this game but PremixedPie has a server.
  3. I have Taz, Snax, Pasha, Kioshima, Happy, skadoodle, and Apex Cologne signatures. Looking for a Byali.

  4. Even like 3 people can get the server hopping. Regulars see 3 in the server and hop in which gets it up into that 5-8 range people look for in the server browser. I usually sit in the server if I'm not gonna cmm and try and lure peeps in but I'm distracted by missions lately.
  5. she said she would wait for me.....
  6. That was all "If its like this then it might not work or if its like that it might be bad" hes speculating as to how it could fail in the absence of any real information on how it works. has anyone with a reasonable ping had issues with it yet?
  7. Yup I think the fact that they chose to demonstrate with cs:go but went the p90 in deathmatch route tells a lot.
  8. Slim

    GTA V for PC

    Im on the road so.........we straight.
  9. Slim

    GTA V for PC

    Most of us just bought the 400k 31st floor one I think. If you have the pre order stash you can afford it and it has a heist room plus a big garage.
  10. Slim

    GTA V for PC

    I just thought caboose was really quiet and that you were always in the other car. And that we had 5 people.....
  11. Slim

    GTA V for PC

    RickyTan2015 holla
  12. Just bought a keyboard with no numpad desk space ova everythang
  13. She says she miss the old Ricky Tan. Girl don't tempt me.

  14. Multiple members of the community advised him to post this so he could get the last of what he needed on top of what he had already gathered to get a new pc. The response has been disappointing. There are a bunch of reasons not to donate but none to be negative without understanding.
  15. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=308490450
  16. For the record, like 10 people in mumble convinced him to do this.
  17. Smokey and I are forming an exploratory committee for a Nor'Easter contingent Bro-ad trip. The date will be pretty important since summer is a madhouse for me at least. Waiting to see a more solid date before moving discussions to the floor.
  18. Slim

    GTA V for PC

    Only TRU ethugz should apply. I'm gonna stalk you guys and pick off your crew one by one We won't be hard to find, just follow the trail of empty bottles, spent ammo, and broken hearts.
  19. Slim

    MTV Cribs

    Now I'm lookin at a crin right next to here TC live. Thats Tom Cruise......
  20. Slim

    GTA V for PC

    Only TRU ethugz should apply.
  21. Slim

    GTA V for PC

    Unless you have it for ps4 or xbox one then the pc version has more stuff and better detail/higher resolution. They redid the game somewhat.
  22. Honest question, we don't play it much and everyone knows its ct-sided but is it playable? In my experience I've liked it but I've also seen some pretty bad games at GC with it. I often wonder if part of T losses is just people saying "we don't play this map and this is exactly why. I give up." Maybe we just need to play it more or maybe its a mess in pub I don't know. It has a decent setup and we could use one more decent map to have around clearly Mill isn't doing the trick.. So is Cache that bad?
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