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  1. I want it. It sounds too good for me not to have. Where can I download (a preferably HQ) this sound effect?
  2. Bot

    Hunger Games 2 *SPOILER*

    I was disappointed with the lack of violence in the Hunger Games. Battle Royale got it right.
  3. Is there a way you can limit the range of witch spawns? Especially with the deadly witches, it's pretty disheartening to see 60+ points wasted with witches spawning in inaccessible areas or out of the way roofs.
  4. Bot

    Hey guys

    I actually found a bunch of invisible walls where you're not allowed to walljump on them.
  5. Bot

    Need help with console commands

    lol what merc said. The one in the steam workshop is outdated In case anyone else had the same problem with hunter training, Crasx figured it out. go to l4d2 in your steam library, right click pproperties, set launch options, add +allow_all_bot_survivor_team 1 If you want to play on campaign maps, type map "mapname" versus in the console. Once it loads, type sv_cheats 1 and then jointeam 3. Thanks for you help Crasx
  6. Bot

    Need help with console commands

    Any campaign map I tried dead center 2/3 and dead air 1/2 today
  7. I like messing around in maps by myself to practice and whatnot, but it looks like Valve disabled a lot of things inL4D2 With the hunter training map, there is a live fire training course where the map is basically laid out like a loop with the survivor bots moving through endlessly. Now some days they do, and some days they just sit there. sb_all_bot_team/game or whatever doesn't work or isn't recognized. It seems to me that there is no rhyme or reason why the bots don't move on some days and it's frustrating since i waste time make futile computer illiterate efforts to fix it. What I did recognize is that on the days the bots move, when I open up the console, the game pauses completely. When the bots don't move and I open the console, everything still moves in the background I also like opening up campaign maps to play as infected, and that also sometimes doesn't work with no rhyme or reason. It's odd because just yesterday, when I click the single player mode in the main menu, a tab would drop down with campaign, vs, etc options to choose from. Today, it disappeared. So I'm forced to start up a single player game or host a campaign on a local server. When I open up a map, and type jointeam 3, one of two things happen. It works and I'm able to play as the infected, or it brings up a mini menu that has two buttons, one with a pic of the survivors and the other of the infected. When I click the infected button....nothing happens. I'm able to click the survivor button which brings me back to square 1. Coding is a foreign language to me, but I really want to figure out what's going on so I can actually play the game how I'd like to. Can someone help please?
  8. Bot

    Jockey Buff?

    Thanks for the buff!
  9. Bot

    Hey guys

    This isn't an exploit. It was an intentional gameplay mechanic. If valve did not want hunters to wall jump on invisible walls, then they would have made it that way. Judging by how many skilled hunters used these invisiwalls in L4D1, they had more than enough time to reach a decision on whether or not it should be allowed and would have made changes with patches accordingly. As it was previously discussed, this would have been an easy fix. EVERY skilled hunter uses these difficult techniques. But this hate on walljumping is unwarranted. The hunter has low health making it easy to shoot off of a survivor, effectively weakening their pinned claw attacks. Also they're extremely easy to spot in the sky and dodging a pounce is easy as well. I can recall many a times where I skeeted Clony and Jimn out the sky and I’m just a mediocre shot. Deadstops are also very effective. Actually, the amount of practice needed to perform a deadstop is far less than the amount of practice needed to pull of several kai jumps on an invisible wall and then pounce with the precise timing and directionality required to actually land on a survivor. Also, there are MANY 17-20 damage pounce spots that take almost no skill at all to pull off because you can simply crouch, lie in wait, and then jump once. The extra 8-5 points of damage is miniscule compared to the amount of skill you need to invest in to gain that increase in damage. Compare this to a few extra seconds in a spit pool or that incap inducing scratch from a charger that take no skill. Removing the ability to walljump with the hunter effectively neuters it. Its utility will be reduced by more than 50%. Setting up good pounce spots, even many of the 17-20 damage ones, will become unfeasible especially mid-battle. Instead, they will all have to require the use of the rocket boost – something Valve didn’t put in, and requires less skill. Escaping after a missed pounce would be near impossible, and they’re a frequent enough occurrence. And the SI that’s the most rewarding and fun to play would become boring. Thankfully Jackie and Crasx are in favor of the walljump. This is more directed to the people who are complaining about the hunter.
  10. Bot

    Vote to remove Bile from buy menu?

    Bile or any bodily fluid isn't flammable, so I don't think it would be.
  11. Or depending on what checkpoint the survivors reach and how many are alive will either not or lower the spawn time. I like this idea. At every checkpoint, see how many are alive and modify the respawn timer accordingly
  12. Bot


    So many of the ones proposed are achievements for the survivors. With achievements being 5pts each, that's giving the survivors many more heals. In general, i think there should be more achievements for infected than survivors because they're usually harder to....achieve
  13. Bot

    Thinking of Changing Ammo...Also Witches

    I like the ammo pile idea, but what do you mean about giving each survivor a limited ammo refill - ie 2 times. Would they cost 3 pts each for a max of 6 pts for 2 refills and then the option no longer works? The ammo pile idea sounds great because it would be a point in the map where survivors would crowd around leaving them open to a great payoff for a boom, charge and high pounce. Also would give another minor use for the spitters. Plus, it would be another necessary sizable point sink for the survivors. . This is a bit off topic, but I always found it weird that picking up ammo for your gun from a pile is instantaneous. I kinda wish it took the same amount of time as deploying fire/explosive rounds. I think that would be cool and would make those deployable ammo piles even more of a hotspot. I think the witches are fine the way they are. Increasing witch cost up to 30 after dangerous witches is activated in addition to warning survivors were very strong nerfs. I actually think the 10 pt increase is actually a little too strong of a nerf, considering their low health and easy crownability. Plus, I can see the problems Tirtul described as being a real possibility. Can there be a Dangerous Witch unannounce for 10 pts just like the tank?
  14. If you find the spare time to do this it would be very helpful! Thanks for your help!
  15. I hear electric shock has a better success rate...........this could actually work And Maestro, that would be cool if you could.