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  1. ShadowDog

    WTB: Nintendo Wii, New

    i already had one and sold it. my friend is looking for one though, and all the stores are sold out around here.
  2. looking for a nintendo wii, new, in the box preferably, and for retail price.
  3. so about a week ago, my sound suddenly cut out on my laptop. HP Pavilion 6575us got it about 3 months ago. i tried reinstalling uninstalling drivers, making sure everything is working in the device manager, basically tried everything that i could possibly do. i searched for google guides and others posting in forums and found no help. one guy said to disable SPDIF Output and there is no option that i have found for that. if anyone can help, that be nice. WINK WINK CUJO i tried talking to HP Online support and lets just show this.... it explains it all. Seth: Please let me know the default settings in play back in control panel? Ross Koblentz: which settings? Seth: Please let me know the options listed in playback in control panel? Ross Koblentz: which ones Ross Koblentz: ? Seth: Please let me know that disable devices in play back? Seth: Let me know that you want to send the Notebook for repair? Ross Koblentz: no
  4. ShadowDog

    Need Wii - Will Pay Locator Fee!

    i just sold mine for 300 to someone.
  5. ShadowDog

    so cute you'll want to explode

    it's just like my doggy! seriously! mines all small and cute and fluffy and we bathe her in the sink too lol
  6. ShadowDog

    amazon kindle

    i like holding a book and flipping pages though... 6/10
  7. ShadowDog

    My first car crash

    Fall Out Boy... ewwww
  8. ShadowDog

    Laz is Back!...sorta

    who's Lazerus?
  9. ShadowDog

    Facebook was sold!

    so, i uhh... don't care anymore... it's gotten ridiculous....
  10. ShadowDog

    alright guys, i need help

    Seeing as i constantly have to mess with ALL of these. i feel i should just tell you. 1. Tape decks are cheap, and mild quality and should suit you just fine. you can get them at dollar stores. 2. FM Transmitters ARE CRAP unless you put forth a lot of money on them... atleast $50. 3. AUX PORT. i use it on my car and i love it. wouldn't go any other way if i had to. They just require you to have an AUX port on your stereo.. if you don't have one, just go with a Tape deck and spend the $1-$10. This is just for a road trip, not the rest of your life. Don't bother trying to find a stereo with an aux port. it'll just be a pain... especially for someone who doesn't know much about systems and such.
  11. ShadowDog

    Hey Ebil!

    shut up ebil! you're not a real bunny! yeah! i'm calling you out! go build your freaking donkey pyramid!
  12. ShadowDog

    So Get this...

    .... it's all natural maaaann!
  13. ShadowDog

    WHO IT IS?? WIN $10 if you know!

    i know 'em all....
  14. ShadowDog

    Invalid 1337 speak

    my ex-girlfriend hated gaming and said it was stupid... then when i was taking a shower one time, she made a character on Lineage II... she's now an addict. big time.
  15. ShadowDog

    fear the squirrels