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  1. rjdstewart

    Ban request.

    I agree with everything you said there. However the game you're describing was a troll game from the start since people were fighting previous to our contribution. And I'm sure you remember, people kept spawning hunters and bouncing around the map. Needless to say, jumping on the bandwagon is unnecessary; we merely continued the non serious game, a game in exclusion from the norm, as you mentioned there kindly. So yes, that day people were fooling around.
  2. rjdstewart

    Ban request.

    Hello, This is player 'nope' (STEAM_1:0:57194605) and I also speak on behalf of player 'yep' (STEAM_1:1:57820049). We understand we have directly broken the rules of the server and we did knowingly type the C word and a version of the N word. They were unnecessary and rude. However our intentions were not to cause grief and were in no means malicious. Our sense of humor is sometimes ironically evil and we understand it also has no place in this server. We used poor judgement that day. We would like to ask if we could negotiate for us to be unbanned. This was a one time event. I would also like to say I admire the professionalism in your prompt response and clear explanation, which makes us all the more interested in contributing to this expert level server. We apologize if we offended anyone, Sincerely, 'nope' and 'yep' PS: I do not have a mic.