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  1. vShots

    Renewal Membership

    bump My Membership was automatically paid for about 2 week from now. And would like to be put back on the list for Membership so i could start using my hats again Thanks again.
  2. apparently i was rushing, not a single warning was giving to me for that got kick. Then i came back asked why was i kicked apparently rushing which i wasn't.. and then banned with out any warnings. RUSHING is when a person is running for the safe house with out turning back. i was in the house with other people, was black and white need to be healed by another teammate, while others got charged out of the house and apparently that counts as rushing!?
  3. i was wondering how long does it take to process? as i am already in the system,i assume. my steamid just in case ( STEAM_1:0:37657235 )
  4. vShots

    Mine 2013 lancer GT

    no... it is cvt and can come in 5 speed manual .. so its my dd.. planning on getting an evo for summer car slash track car.. its a waste of money to rally a lancer lmao.. and i dont think i said imma rally it so. all i said that a ralliart is more of rally car with is stock performance, but looking into evo gsr
  5. vShots

    Mine 2013 lancer GT

    thanks, yeah interior is lacking but it is a rally car was met for rally racing not for DD, andyou can always cusotmly do interior they way you want too up too 1-2k$ and exterior is perfect in any lancer waiting till i am couple years older so i can get an evo with no so expensive insurance i dont mind suburu especially STI but the interest on them is insane 5% i got a deal with this lancer with 0%
  6. vShots

    Mine 2013 lancer GT

    thanks haha was planning to actually tint them this summer way darker other wise enjoying the tint with plastidip i did my self.
  7. vShots

    Mine 2013 lancer GT

    calgary and thanks
  8. vShots

    my new ride

    Not a hater of subi but hands DOWN EVO ftw :PPP
  9. vShots

    Mine 2013 lancer GT

    started from the bottom now we are here. Pictures are not in the order of the progress
  10. vShots

    New Car

    team Mitsubishi
  11. vShots

    New Car

    boo haha team Mitsubishi here
  12. vShots

    Anyone still playing?

    haven't in sometime but waiting for the expansion to come out.
  13. vShots

    1000k dps achieved

    this is my monk set up its alright surviving elits on MP10 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/vShots-1485/hero/39163975
  14. vShots

    New Member

    thanks everyone
  15. I just purchased annual membership steam id:STEAM_1:0:37657235