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Snowflake last won the day on September 12 2015

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  1. As an epic healer that I am, there are times to heal someone and times to let them heal themselves except elite, whenever my med pack touches him its a guarentee incap. lol<<<< I made a funny
  2. My favorite line from GC rules: Basically? Are you being a dick? If yes, then stop. If no, good job!
  3. i was so excited I couldn't get on the ledge lol
  4. Nope. Have at it! First page/first post has all the info and how many kills people have so far.
  5. Hey now that is not a way to treat a lady or publicize it! haha
  6. My quote is my quote for a reason!!
  7. If I am around and it's doable I'm down!
  8. How did it go? I was out drinking shaking my bee-hind.
  9. The admin should be along shortly to talk to you.
  10. I like how you are looking around in the last one like where'd he go? lol
  11. Shepard, pandas, and I will have to give you an awesome birthday dance while maestro sings happy birthday!! Lol happy birthday Dixie!!!!
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