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  1. As an epic healer that I am, there are times to heal someone and times to let them heal themselves except elite, whenever my med pack touches him its a guarentee incap. lol<<<< I made a funny
  2. My favorite line from GC rules: Basically? Are you being a dick? If yes, then stop. If no, good job!
  3. i was so excited I couldn't get on the ledge lol
  4. Nope. Have at it! First page/first post has all the info and how many kills people have so far.
  5. Hey now that is not a way to treat a lady or publicize it! haha
  6. My quote is my quote for a reason!!
  7. If I am around and it's doable I'm down!
  8. How did it go? I was out drinking shaking my bee-hind.
  9. The admin should be along shortly to talk to you.
  10. I like how you are looking around in the last one like where'd he go? lol
  11. Shepard, pandas, and I will have to give you an awesome birthday dance while maestro sings happy birthday!! Lol happy birthday Dixie!!!!
  12. Sorry you are correct. You are bumbum not yumyum. Thanks for the attitude it really drives my ban home. I think f u means the same thing in any country and yes it is over rude. You just admitted you were rude and that is against our server rules but you want a lesser ban and I see no apology for calling your team disrespectful names or telling me to f u? Not happening. We are a very popular server and I'm truly sorry you feel this way. If you would have apologized and owned up to your mistakes the ban could of gone differently.
  13. Hello yum yum. You were calling your team stupid when you were smoked. I warned you then you promptly said f u. There is absolutely no disrespect allowed in GC servers. Your talk is not over rude? You might want to rethink that. Our rules are posted in the L4D2 section of the forums and in the MOTD in game. We are a clean fun server. If you get so upset that you want to start telling people off just leave the game, cool off, and come back.
  14. Someone should be along shortly that admins CS:GO. Sorry I couldn't find you in Source Bans. What's your steam i.d. and in game name ?
  15. What is your steam id and in game name? Also, Please read our rules in the L4d2 forums. We are all about playing with teamwork here. We will ban one person or six if they leave someone behind that is not a bot. I'm sure the admin will be along who banned you.
  16. Starting a crossfit class next week, what did I get myself into? lol

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    2. Snowflake


      If you want it you will make time for it nutty buddy no excuses! You did it before while doing all the above. It's not really THAT much extra time. :)

    3. PeanutButterNJelly


      you are right. funny a friend just sent me an email to do a half marathon in 4 weeks (too soon for me, remember im so old)

    4. Snowflake


      Update: I haven't gotten hurt yet and this is quite the butt kicking! lovin it!

  17. I was the charger that took jerky to his death
  18. Pandas will be so proud of her mini me!
  19. I'll take care of it thanks again! -done thanks again! you the man!
  20. haha I used to know someone that worked for microsoft so I get it free before i rebuilt but he no longer works there so I was just checking to see if anyone had any good "deals", an extra copy I could buy, or what not! Thanks guys
  21. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on window's office? I had my computer rebuilt a while back and realized I need window's office for school.
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