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  1. 707killa

    l4d2 10v10 Infected Damage Increase

    i get the expert damage because the common infected were doing 10 damage per hit, also witches were killing with first hit, without buying dangerous witches. also tanks were incapacitating full health survivors with 1 hit. I have played enough l4d2 to know the damage values depending on difficulty. these were my observations from today edit: must have been a glitch/bug because zombies do normal damage again
  2. I am just expressing my opinion on the infected damage increase on the l4d2 10v10 servers. I do not like it because if i wanted to take expert damage I would play expert mode. Also from what i have observed people spam witches because you no longer need to buy dangerous witches. I was playing on server #2 when there was mostly new players, & it is nearly impossible for the new players to advance through zombies without getting downed, thus making it impossible to move forward. I think a good solution would be to put the zombies on advanced damage instead of expert damage. If you guys really want to keep this feature for hardcore players & members, it would make sense to make it a option to vote in because not everyone wants it. Making one of the 3 servers a dedicated expert damage server may work as well. I have been playing on this server for years & this is by far the worst update i have seen, I think this update was a mistake in my opinion & i hope you can provide more options for new players as well as players that do not want to play expert versus. Thank you for reading, I hope to get a few responses on what we can do about this issue.
  3. 707killa

    Accusing Admins of Cheating, Admin Respect

    i was not even talking about admins cheating, just about how they can hear us talk. This rule is vague, and you should really listen in before you decide to take action, because i was not talking when i was kicked.
  4. Hello 707killa here I am grateful for this awesome server being here and am glad we have a great community here. I was kicked from the L4d2 server today and i would like to share my experience to help out future situations. I questioned if a player on the other team was supervillan with voicechat. He responded with yes in the chat. I then stated "it is kind of cheap that admins can hear us talking" LRwarrior proceeds to say that "the admins are CHEATING". Supervillan then disrespectfully tells us that "everything we would say is obvious and we should STOP CRYING" then i hear maestro for a split second talking about accusing admins of cheating is serious. before i was kicked without warning. I never accused any admins of cheating, this is a rule that is not clear to everyone, i hope admins will make this more clear before they disrespect you and kick you. I show respect to all admins, i hope the same in return. PEACE. 4k http://instagram.com/707killa 1k http://youtube.com/killabho
  5. BINDING COMMANDS: First, you need to have your developer console enabled (~). The bind command must be entered into console--it can't be used in chat. To bind a command, use the following format: bind "<key>" "<commands, separated by semicolons>" These are the best binds you need to survive. full heal (15pt) bind "x" "sm_heal" ak47(8pt) bind "k" "sm_buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 3; menuselect 3; menuselect 1" laser(3pt) bind "l" "sm_laser" fireworks(4pt) bind "v" "sm_buy; menuselect 4; menuselect 7; menuselect 1" pills(5pt) bind "p" "sm_buy; menuselect 3; menuselect 3; menuselect 1" ammo(3pt) bind "n" "sm_ammo" explosive ammo(7pt) bind "j" "sm_buy; menuselect 2; menuselect 2; menuselect 1" molotov(6pt) bind "m" "sm_buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 6; menuselect 1; menuselect 1"