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Everything posted by MrMustard

  1. Sounds like tons of fun, but I would have a tough time dedicating weekends to play...
  2. Down to $40. I think I'm gonna be all in week 13. Lucky me!!!
  3. Draft kings plays me... down $120.00 so far this season...
  4. MrMustard

    GC - Ringers league

    Not sure. I left everything standard with the exception of the added WR.
  5. MrMustard

    Ark Survival: Evolved

    We've moved over to official server 33 due to some hacker issues on the other. Base is at approx. 56/55 on the river, west of the blue obelisk. Currently have about 8 or 9 actively playing and welcome to have more. See you in game!!!
  6. MrMustard


    Mike Evans is back for me!!!...... with a dud... ouch!
  7. MrMustard

    Last night?

    yeah Gronk and Brady scored big. Still a lot more to come!
  8. MrMustard

    Regarding league #1

    and done, welcome to the league Reo. Draft time set for Tues at 8:30pm to allow everyone ample time to set up. Random draft order: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/617080/draftresults?drafttab+round Good luck, have fun!
  9. MrMustard

    Regarding league #1

    I'm ok with Tuesday. I changed the max teams to 8 so we don't get 2 more again, but we still need one to even the head 2 head.
  10. Delayed the draft one day to try and get one more in. 8pm, but still need at least one more to sign up to even the teams!
  11. MrMustard

    GC fantasy football League #2

    And we're up to 5. If anyone else wants to join please feel free. 11 days to draft day!! https://yho.com/nfl?l=617080&k=217738e0ad52bde9&ikey=bad1e6ba0cf23119
  12. So we are up to 4. Met the minimum, but makes for a pretty crazy season with so much on the waiver wire. A good minimum would be 8. Don't be worried if you haven't played before as you loose nothing. If you enjoy football at all and are interested come on and join us.
  13. MrMustard

    Fantasy Football

    PeanutButterNJelly mentioned I should post the link to our GC FF league. Come by the sports bar forum and join us some time. Anyways we have room for some more if anyone is interested. I'm throwing in a year membership to GC for the champion. Use the link below to join: https://yho.com/nfl?l=617080&k=217738e0ad52bde9&ikey=bad1e6ba0cf23119
  14. MrMustard

    Drinking and driving

    The most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen were in Kansas. And the most foul smells ie Dodge City.
  15. Come join us stabz0r. If you like football you will LOVE fantasy. It gets you so much more into the season than following your favorite team and watching the standings. You are trying to track EVERY game all the time to see how your fantasy team is doing. Before you draft just GOOGLE fantasy football for beginners tips and you will be competitive. We're still a couple weeks out from draft day so plenty of time to join in the fun!
  16. Thanks for starting the new thread TbT. Anyone who wants some FF competition bring it on! I'm pretty good at this so I'll throw in a GC membership to the winner. If you're already a member I'll donate the $15 in your name! The gloves are off!
  17. MrMustard

    GC fantasy football League #2

    Ok I screwed something up and had to recreat the league. Try this on instead! https://yho.com/nfl?l=617080&k=217738e0ad52bde9&ikey=bad1e6ba0cf23119
  18. MrMustard

    GC fantasy football League #2

    Ok if anyone else is interested in playing that isn't already in a league click the link below. It's set up for 10 teams, standard scoring, head to head, and drafts Sept 6th at 3pm. GLHF! https://yho.com/nfl?l=603238&k=97609927dd4c74e9&ikey=5778dbaad3db405c
  19. MrMustard

    Let's talk dates!

    FF 05 or bust. 10 yrs is to long to have been since shaking hands with such great people!
  20. Let me know if any spots are open!! I can't join the league because there are no available spots.
  21. Let me know if you have any open spots!!
  22. MrMustard

    DarkFall Online

    Lol Kurtz! First off I didn't see much sieging as I was ganked right off the bat running out there. Gearbags??? I kinda lost all my armor that first gank. Funny thing is my armor was already low and dmged so it wasn't even looted.... However it was exciting to see so many people in the same place and working towards a goal. I can't wait to get a few more thousand prowess to become PvP viable. Once I reach that stage we'll see more. Thanks for the friend accept and hopefully we'll meet up soon!
  23. MrMustard

    DarkFall Online

    Party Weekend May 1st - May 5th We have organized an extended anniversary party weekend between May 1st and May 5th. During these days everyone is invited to play Darkfall Unholy Wars for free – whether you are a returning player who wants to experience our new features or someone who has never tried it before. New players will benefit from the mentor system, learning all about Darkfall Unholy Wars with the help of the veterans. And our veterans will be able to spot raw talent to recruit to their clans. To get you started we will gift you with Double Prowess points during the whole event. Moreover, we have arranged a series of dynamic happenings that will start with a Treasure Hunt event and will continue at a later date with GM controlled monsters on the spot.
  24. MrMustard

    DarkFall Online

    Hey Kurtz! I just started playing recently, last couple weeks, and bot my gf playing too. Where on the na server and in the clan empyrean divine. Seams like a good group so far, but still such a long way to go it seams to become PvP viable. Shoot me a friend request on steam!