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  1. Mionix Naos 8200 is best I have had the Logitec, 2 diffrent Razers (Deathadder and Naga), Mad Catz RAT 5 and 7, Mircosoft X5 or X7 (somthing like that). And the best of all, the drivers cause no issues
  2. kulysses

    ?So yeah no idea?

    I had just joined as the last rounded ended, in fact I was Spec and had to join a team once they were unlocked when the new round began. I didn't type any thing that used bad language (like trying to go around the filter) or use my mic, that is what I don't get. I ALWAYS hear him give warnings, it seems he never just outright pulls the ban hammer out. EDIT Really that word ? Can i even type it hear? Is it that taboo? That is uder childish crap no warning at all? EDIT 2 I assume there is a link to the ban list, I cant find it in the ban section
  3. PHAROS STEAM_0:1:32979218 04/07/2014 About 16:45 PST L4D2 #1 Never been warned when playing here. In fact most the time I am the guy saying "Yeah can't we just votekick them?", when ppl are tools on the server and dont want to help with teamplay or starting soon when told not too over and over again, stuff like that. Round started I spawned and played like 10 seconds and boom I am kicked and stairing at the ban notification screen. No warning I am guessing just a mistake.