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  1. Curiosity

    Client Timed Out Disconnected

    So I just reinstalled my OS, Steam and L4D2. I was playing for about 5 minutes when I get kicked with the message: Client Timed Out Disconnected. No matter which server I connect to, it keeps giving me the same error. I tried restarting the game, closed steam, and restarted... nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
  2. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  3. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  4. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

    Police squad
  5. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  6. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  7. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

    Cold Play
  8. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  9. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  10. Curiosity

    Feedback on Hazmat Hordes

    I am named Curiosity, thank you very much.
  11. I would like to change my name to Curiosity please.
  12. Curiosity

    Feedback on Hazmat Hordes

    What does a Dixie zombie do that is different from other zombies?attack only one survivor?
  13. Curiosity

    Feedback on Hazmat Hordes

    I agree with the increased cost. They were too easy to spam at 10 points.
  14. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  15. Curiosity

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I really like the horde. It is not so over powered that it overwhelms them. However, done at the right time, it can really distract them when they are desperate and using fireworks to clear the way. It slows them down, especially for spit.
  16. Curiosity

    Come, give me a hug

    Just saw this today in reddit
  17. Curiosity


    Second on the make them more powerful.
  18. Curiosity

    GT New Horizons

    trying it out. But WOW. The server takes forever to startup.
  19. Curiosity

    O...M...G It's happening!

    Couldn't get in, it was full. Though on a bright note, a second server was full as well!
  20. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  21. Curiosity

    Word Associationess

  22. Curiosity

    Happy Birthday Merc!!

    Happy Birthday! /slap Carlos
  23. Curiosity

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

  24. Curiosity

    Emergency Unpin Option?

  25. Curiosity

    Tank Limit Idea

    That would be like buying witches before some one buys dangerous witches.