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  1. snehanpeshin

    Banned for rushing in l4d2 server

    1207 1 "ZomBi3_Kill3||2" STEAM_1:0:62510386 01:23 79 0 active 30000
  2. Hi I am a very old user of gc servers. I love them but didnt play this game for last about 2 years for various reasons. So, i didnt really rememeber many things which are considered rules in gc servers. I rushed while playing and got banned. I have never before been banned but i apologise for the mistake. I didnt do it because i wanted to but only because it was something i was not really aware of. Really appreciate everyones feedback. Thank you Steam id ZomBi3_Kill3||2
  3. snehanpeshin

    Banned for unknown reasons ?

    Dear sir its second time i have been banned for ever, which is much less than numerous occasions
  4. snehanpeshin

    Banned for unknown reasons ?

    Peanut i apologise wholeheartedly and promise would never do it again, if i do dont ever unban me ever ! I say it on record. Thank you sir
  5. snehanpeshin

    Banned for unknown reasons ?

    computer where id is saved
  6. snehanpeshin

    Banned for unknown reasons ?

    My apologies. I regret this. It was some of my friends who were using my steam id to play it on gc servers. I apologise and would accept any punishment for my mistake. thanks maestro
  7. snehanpeshin

    Banned for unknown reasons ?

    Thanks all. Have a great weekend
  8. snehanpeshin

    Banned for unknown reasons ?

    I apologise and would give a guarantee that i would never do it again
  9. snehanpeshin

    Banned for unknown reasons ?

    STEAM_0:0:62510386 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085286500 ZomBi3_Kill3||2
  10. Hi I was banned from gc Left 4 Dead Server for unknown reasons. I have hundreds of hours of playing on the server and tried to help anyone who asdks me any favour or requests. But when i played last time, i think i rushed and that i have never before done in my entire playtime and have never faced any bans. I tried to reconnect the next time and found i am banned. I apologise for any bad behaviour or rushing and would try to improve myself in anyways possible and accept any useful feedback from Admins as required. Thanks a lot all