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  1. Vilkys

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Didn't see a need to change points before and i don't see it now.
  2. Vilkys

    Server 2 Add-On Just a gentle reminder

    What if the mod looks cool and the advantage is just extra.
  3. Vilkys

    Congrats to Neptune Centari!

    Congrats Neptune, good to know you and the baby are doing well.
  4. There is already a 3 sec cooldown, add to that a deagle and a charger is only getting 1-2 point per heal at which point is mostly to kill the survivor.
  5. Vilkys


    Carlo's fault getting his team killed again, kill count is way more important.
  6. Vilkys

    L4D2 Saturday Night Customs & NEXT CONTEST!@!@!@!@!

    I keep missing them kills, I would have like 5 if not for witches or running out of time. This game is fixed.
  7. Vilkys

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    While I like the unpin option I have to point out that if you buy it mid charge or half way pulled by smoker then it won't work and you will have spent 10 points for nothing. Now if you buy it before you get charged then once the charger comes to a stop the unpin will work.
  8. Vilkys

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Short answer, NO.
  9. Vilkys

    Steam Sale L4D2 - good news

    I'm a new player and Elias is being rude already. If they keep going back i just leave them for dead.
  10. Vilkys

    Tank Limit Idea

    If its for 3 points then yes I would accept the fake tank idea but for 10 points you may as well buy an upgrade as it would be more useful.
  11. I have asked many times before to play rounds with low gravity and 99% of the time i got ignored, ultimately i gave up asking for it since it wasn't going to happen.
  12. Johnny spamming them pill revives! "Johnny: oh no i'm black and white" 30 seconds later hes dead. Johnny you gotta make it harder to kill you not easier.
  13. Vilkys

    Best Kill On Johnny Wins 1 Year Membership

    I'm always up for killing people, count me in.
  14. Vilkys


    I had that happen but in the opposite direction, I got hit by tank then slided on a rock then fell in the water, I was so mad.
  15. Vilkys

    Reminder on griefing on L4D2 servers

    If I use a deagle and still can cover myself and some one else on my team, does that make me a disruptive player? It does not and it should not be a reason to get kicked or banned. Being incap and not asking for points is more damaging to the team.