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  1. Yes it has, as such in an attempt to get some traffic I really think we should make some of the changes, taking into account some of the suggestions in here and on mumble.. First to 11 wins, switch teams after 10 rounds. Play a 21st round with teams as they are in the situation of a 10-10 tie. Reduce teams to 10 v 10 for standard games. Keep 4 slots reserved for members/admins, mostly for Customs nights. Start with $1000 dollars. Other than that use normal competitive money rules. Change the name of the server to.. Gamers Coalition | Competitive Match Server | Chicago | 128 Tick Continue to utilize voting, but change the vote to start after a team wins 10 rounds. Remove de_contra and Scoutz from the current rotation (shown above.) Add cs_militia. At this point what do we have to lose? This is the format of most successful servers. If it is possible I say we give it a shot, if a server manager can implement these changes.
  2. I don't know if it's just the Summer or what, but besides some weekend nights and customs the place just won't fill up. I think the way we have the server configured is a big reason for that, any chance we would consider changing it up? I say we change it up so we follow Competitive rules with the following modifications... First to 11 wins, switch teams after 10 rounds. Play a 21st round with teams as they are in the situation of a 10-10 tie. No team damage except for grenades (if that is possible.) Start with $1000 dollars. I know the server has followed the same rules for a very long time, but seeing it compared to other servers I think this would be good. I don't expect this to happen, but I think it would be healthy for the server. There can still be a vote for maps after the 9th round, but perhaps change the maps to a more standard defuse rotation? Just a thought, thanks!
  3. Can we get this auto-prompt removed?
  4. I know what you mean Turnbull. I've had quite a few groups of friends come and go with different games. CS 1.5 "Clan" BF1942 Friends City of Heroes Friends Team Fortress "2sdays" and Battlefield 3 nights with friends from dayonepatch.com (still exists, but we don't play TF2 anymore) All of those have come and gone. Some of them lasted a few years, now they're memories. GC with CSGO is what I love now. I play other games and have a life outside, but it's a comfortable fun thing to take part in. I know it will end, but am trying to cherish it while I can. I hope since CS is such a longlasting game and GC has existed so long we can keep this going. Even as member's come and go.
  5. I also have quick buy binds on backspace and right-control for casual servers when I have lots of money.
  6. I created my own keybinds, it's pretty simple and I like it. I put these commands in an autoexec.cfg file using notepad then save with extension .cfg Then I put [exec autoexec.cfg] at the end of the config.cfg file. Includes everything except Taser, M249, and Negev. These will be located in this folder...[C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg] bind kp_home "buy ssg08" bind kp_uparrow "buy awp" bind kp_pgup "buy g3sg1" bind kp_leftarrow "buy galilar" bind kp_5 "buy m4a1" bind kp_rightarrow "buy aug" bind kp_end "buy mac10" bind kp_downarrow "buy mp7" bind kp_pgdn "buy p90" bind kp_ins "buy defuser" bind kp_del "buy vesthelm" bind kp_slash "buy smokegrenade" bind kp_multiply "buy hegrenade" bind kp_minus "buy flashbang" bind kp_plus "buy incgrenade" bind kp_enter "buy vest" bind ins "buy nova" bind home "buy xm1014" bind pgup "buy mag7" bind del "buy deagle" bind end "buy elite" bind pgdn "buy tec9" bind leftarrow "buy decoy" bind rightarrow "buy p250" bind uparrow "buy bizon" bind downarrow "buy ump45" Edit: Put them in more "familiar" sets, but it doesn't matter to the game. Edit 2: Added image I made a while back. It still has CZ/P250, now the right arrow is just P250.
  7. Oh I must have missed it or I just don't remember playing it. But it is on the server so we could play on it if enough people were interested? I just think it would be fun. No worries though.
  8. The brand new de_tuscan remake, although in beta form, has finally been made available. It is up to the Admins to decide what to do, but I think it would be a fun idea to try it out. Steam Workshop Link
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