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  1. playa

    Let's talk dates!

    like RISK? I love RISK, I've also wanted to try Axis and Allies, I heard that game is also fun.
  2. playa

    Suggestion for 3rd server "GC Hellhole"

    race to the saferoom sounds fun, whoever mentioned that in page 1.
  3. playa

    Let's talk dates!

    what games will be played here, mostly?
  4. playa

    H1Z1 Fun

    what server you guys play on? PVP or PVE?
  5. playa

    L4D2 Tournament SIGN UP!!

    sign me up
  6. playa

    spray with commands

    Hey friends, I saw a couple of you that have a spray that has the commands for people to look at, any chance anyone wants to share one with me thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks, playa
  7. playa

    Banned From L4D2 Server

    memberships get you COOL HATS!
  8. playa

    Banned for no reason

    I've been in the server with this guy a bit and never seen him do anything wrong, if anything always a team player. I don't personally know him but can we get a list of who was all on then?
  9. playa

    server keeps crashing

    on dead center, everytime the map ends game kicks everyone and resets back to 0...not sure whats up but giving you a heads up
  10. playa

    unban request l4d2

    thanks, next time ill call out before
  11. hi, we were on dead air and i was on infected and i didnt move for a bit and it moved me afk, went to join back and was on survivors, then switched to infected then got banned. i think the admin thought i was trying a fast one but i really was on infected to begin with. thxs
  12. Yeah, its all good. No more sprays, but yeah it was so intense, the tank killing everyone and i was running on the side of the map and saw this gate that was open. first instinct was RUNNNNN. haha. anyways, love the server.
  13. Thanks for the unban. Seriously tho, i only know like 3 maps. I was wondering what the other bans were for, so i just wont use my spray since peeps find it inappropriate. Maybe if it was dead center I could see someone killing themselves, but others yelling at a noob to run on a map he doesnt know might need more questioning. Again, thx for unban
  14. Hey, I just got banned. last thing i remember, people telling me to run because i was the only one alive and i fell off the map and died. I said I didn't know where I was going. Not sure who the Admin was, but he said, "Did you not want to play the 2nd half" and before i could type, "Dude, sorry, i really dont know this map" i got banned STEAM_0:1:16373133
  15. playa

    Sup guys

    Whats up peeps, saw your sweet l4d2 servers and started playing on them, thought i would hop on the website and join in. I saw something about frag fest ohio and im from cleveland and thought these kinds of events only happen in columbus. very cool, looking forward to playing with you guys in some games.