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  1. Osprey22

    request to unbanned

    First off, sorry for the permabanned! That was unintended and I meant to administer a day only. I had given you 3 verbal warnings to come out of the safe room after you had charged ahead and closed the door while the rest of the team was on the top level fighting off a horde and picking up others and (correct me if I am wrong here, a tank I believe). I appreciate you coming on the forums and again I apologise that about the perma ban. I will message Jackie and ask him to amend it.
  2. Osprey22

    I will not put up with people trying to ruin gameplay

    They can cart me off with L4D3 comes out. Until then I will continue to push tin
  3. Osprey22

    Thank You Everyone

    Grats lads.
  4. Osprey22

    Rally to ban peanut

    Ban Peanut
  5. Osprey22

    About the new additions

    With Maestro on this one.
  6. Osprey22

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Laser sights are fine, nice cheap easy way to increase accuracy. If you bump them, then you have to pump everything else. Just IMHO.
  7. Osprey22

    Suggestion for 3rd server "GC Hellhole"

    I couldn't help it... I couldn't get my fix of Cola
  8. Osprey22

    Suggestion for 3rd server "GC Hellhole"

    chick did this once...i made a witch bind and spent thousands of points in a few minutes See I want to do a Friday Night fun night, but too many regulars complain about it...
  9. Osprey22

    Suggestion for 3rd server "GC Hellhole"

    Is it bad I would play on this server?
  10. Osprey22

    Permanent Ban ?

    You rushed past the kitchen, into the safe room closing the door, leaving your teammates to fight a tank by themselves, when I had given everyone a blanket warning to stay together and not rush. Since you came on the forums to apologise, which we greatly appreciate I hope you will take the time to read the rules and understanding them. The ban will lifted effective immediately HOWEVER If you RUSH next time you will be banned PERMANENTLY. This is your last warning.
  11. Osprey22

    Happy Birthday DIXIE!!!

    Hang on I am going to take a couple shots...
  12. Osprey22

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    This must be my favorite quote of all time. Mine as well. I am going to scream it on Mumble next time.
  13. Osprey22


  14. Osprey22


    I got pink and a huge sausage. Hot Damn lol.