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    every & every day <3 (:

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  1. GreenHeart


    I could work at plugin as hunter.. I only say.
  2. GreenHeart

    Killing Peanut Contest - WIN 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP/RENEWAL

    Too late to participate?
  3. GreenHeart

    Custom Map Night Friday April 10 8:30pm EST

    And.. ban not more waiting for the end of week!
  4. Hello to everybody & g´night to everyone: 3 days ago. Apparently I will been banned for glitching, in the underground, dark carni map 3. I apologize to not be aware that this method of attack without being attacked or as explained Maestro (exploit) can not be used online and less on GC servers, And I also apologize for my offensive comment rofl as a result of being banned for a new spot, I make the great promise that I'll never use this method to incapacitate survivors as infected, thanks for your attention. I wait for a reply of a board member to discuss my case unban, or not. Good Night.
  5. GreenHeart

    Pro mod tournament?

    Stop healing meh english are constructive not lazy easier lol, but tht hurts anzul xD!!
  6. GreenHeart

    Pro mod tournament?

    it's just an organized version of vanilla versus. it's much harder due to there being no health kits. if you really want to know every thing just go to this website. http://www.l4dnation.com/ Not is more easy just play & do not use the medkit & stuff ?? I just say.. is a option.
  7. GreenHeart

    L4D2 player/member commands list, & BINDS

    Yeah.. so bad & lame.. lol
  8. GreenHeart

    L4D2 player/member commands list, & BINDS

    Very well.. but the healing stuff like those "BINDING COMMANDS" is only for new views? I mean.. Is the first time which I view this thread. Is all that? Or just me thought it seen a little help? Whatever.. so, thanks to let me know how really works this (: I buy it. See you on servers guys.
  9. GreenHeart

    Maestro's E-Card

    I'm not completely aware of what happened to him, but I am very sure of something, the servers are not the same without you, reading a little personal feet, I think has been operated on your coronary, Sir. You more than anyone knows how much I appreciate and respect as a player, Sensei and friend, I hope you get better soon, do not rush on the PC just to play a little, heed the instructions of your doctor. Get a high hug from me (: And remember that. The practice makes the Maestro
  10. GreenHeart


    hello @MPG1770 the mistake no is that, the problem, says @crasx is that I wrote 3 times !teams, and that was caused to I change of team, but I repeat.. Nobody Adms Mods or Members I was told this could happen to me. @crasx I was informed about this command, you could also switch to the other team, but when I write for cuestion logical, !teams, I visualize my team is not it? but this time, when the round are just start, my range gcftw are it looked, but when to write !teams, just saw my team.. & again and was returning me to the lineup of my range (rank), that's what happened even @Mercman was in the game with me, & not let me lying, but hey hey people, for me it is not necessary that this issue be lengthened only but a little mistake, is ridiculous and we know many in here, just want then ask only one thing, if this to happen again to me, (not think) I ask think, before to kick me, look, if I am truly wishing to switch teams or just I visualize my teammates, right? xD it's my birthday pleaseee?, thank you very much for the fast answers, gamerscoalition (:
  11. GreenHeart


    oh oh its ok.. crasx ty for the info, i did not know who changed to see the teams Continually, but I would like to make it clear that this did not know, was not with the intention of playing or provoke the adms, & my deepest apologies if my attitude was misinterpreted by one of them but hey, I claim my position like a good user thanks for everything! (:
  12. GreenHeart


    right now perhaps already about 25 min
  13. GreenHeart


    Well, I apologize if this is not is the correct place for this kind of topic, but can not find or did not see visible the choice of questions, well done approx 10 min I was kicked from the server #1 by Maestro, and believe me, I don´t have any problem with the Adms or Mods or Members or with the server, many members even they know me, I've been playing on the server since January of this year, but today was presented something, that for me was very misunderstood, and this event had happened before and equal Maestro say me "you are Stacking green".. but I suppose those who know me after of the first time ban me, for runner, I learning to follow the rules of the server, until today, the same problem today is presented again, when the campaign begins, you must type "!r" to tell the server that is ready, but this happens again when the scramble is done, after writing !teams and visualize who was on my team, and after the round began, without writing "!infected" or "!survivor" but I was still changing of team on the server, and even Maestro could review the activity log may see that what I say is truth, & although I wrote more "!r" still changed of team, in these moment i Just see what happening on my team 8 vs 9 (maybe that it could happen to write !teams after of the scramble) but again I never wrote !infected or !survivor at any time the same server changed my team, and I can swear without fear even Maestro before kick me he left a message on where was saying the reason for my kick "GreenHeart is switching on you surv team" but again I have no need to change of team and I think that many members they've seen me play, they knows when I join, im stay there, not switching & am not lying. I am and keep the rules of the server as a guest, but for me is sad that point me as "stacking" when I'm not, so I would like to ask the ADM or Mods how stop this from happening. thank you very much
  14. GreenHeart

    Tank skipping.

    well .. in my opinion if you play like a Tank you keep in mind two things: 1. YOU CAN´T BE BURN 2. YOU´RE THE TANK! oh my KILL THE SURVIVORS! & hell yeah, be the tank is a great responsibility Playing like survivor: (what I'm doing) .. It´s, just... jump everytime to move it so fast, because the punch of the tank could be very dangerous, take your molly your shotgun & try to survive (: