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  1. heroman758

    Stick around more children

    Merc, it was like 4 am and we were messing around on the dock. I farmed up a ton of points just blowing up the SI that ran up the dock, plus we were given a little to have some fun as well. There were just 2 of us on the server so it wasn't causing a big problem having a pile of gnomes and cola. Were this something that happened during a regular match that would definitely be an issue, but I don't think its much of a problem when there were two of us having some fun. I also kinda like Mercs idea of making gnomes and cola and gas cans really expensive though... because if a gas can cost like say 40 points, we might be able to enable them on finales for a new twist. Plus, buying a gnome would be a testament of mad point farming. It would be fun!
  2. heroman758

    Stick around more children

    For those of you who don't have to do that job thing so you can keep doing that living thing, consider sticking around for the late night fun times! They're always a blast and we sometimes do crazy things! I present to you exhibit A: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=698494156 By the way, a bountiful supply of gnomes and their six packs no longer seems to crash the server! Join us. You know you want to.
  3. heroman758

    Server 2 or 3 as a custom map only server

    Well, would we be able to integrate other versus game types into the 3rd server? For example mutations like Taaaaaaaaaaaaank! and Versus Survival? Things where you dont require any additional downloads since they're a part of the game. Theres a ton of fun mutations that work with versus that would be fun to mix into the regular competition we have now.
  4. heroman758


    Could a possible thing causing crashes is the buy system being flooded? Say like 4 or 5 people buy a heal at almost the exact same time, while infected are doing things like upping a limit might overwhelm the server?
  5. heroman758

    Counter Strike Extra Weapons Removal Request

    Removing the AWP from regular spawning seems fair. I dont remember who it was that pointed out the AWP is pretty much the only defense survivors have from the plethora of high pouncers there are, but I see that as a pretty valid point. Making it harder to get though would make things a lot fairer. A team that has the AWP from the get-go is pretty much guaranteed to reach the safe room (not always, but usually). Maybe raise the price of the AWP to like 15 points? It's not that hard to farm up, but significant enough to make it a fairer game in those opening moments.
  6. heroman758

    Counter Strike Extra Weapons Removal Request

    Gandalf I'm facepalming sir. And Carlos, it should show up on the Steam Servers list of the main L4D2 menu. Its joinable, its just really buggy still
  7. heroman758

    Counter Strike Extra Weapons Removal Request

    I'm talking specifically about the weapons that do not come as default guns. So just the 4 I mentioned. Basically, things need balancing. I played for an hour today and didn't get more than 20 points as infected because my rocket charger was being shot down before I could touch the ground. Someone on our team managed to get enough booms to buy a tank, and was half dead before touching down after their rocket spawn. The AWP specifically is just something that tips the balance of the game too heavily towards the survivors. It shouldn't require pure luck (the person missing a one-shot kill) to get in and land a hit for every single class. Boomers, yeah whatever. Chargers and jockeys? Tanks even? It's too much.
  8. Hey guys, I think in the interest of balancing things out, the Counter Strike guns need to go. Just as clarification for those of you who are not sure which weapons those are, they include the MP5, SG552, Scout, and the AWP. The MP5 and Scout are pretty much awful weapons. It takes a lot of bullets from these guns to kill the weakest infected (even takes two scout shots to take down a boomer in a lot of cases). I don't know anyone who prefers to use these guns over things like the Silenced SMG or the AK47, so we really don't need to keep them around. Not a huge loss. The SG552 has a cool scoping mechanism for an assault rifle, but in all honesty, most players using a laser sight on the AK47 achieve much greater results than the SG552 can provide. So it's basically just a neat addition, but not the most effective weapon and so it isn't used too often by choice. Now the heart of the matter, the AWP. It should be no surprise to people to hear that the skill level of a great deal of players on the server is really freaking high. Add that to the ability to fire the AWP as if you were firing the hunting rifle with the pushback glitch, and you've got a recipe for total annihilation. A gun that can kill 4 of the 6 infected classes in a single body shot + insanely fast firing speed + near aimbot level accuracy = one nigh impossible obstacle to overcome. As fun as using the AWP is, and as satisfying as it feels to gun down that smoker who just grabbed you instantly is, its super unbalanced to be able to stop over half of the infected teams attacks without batting an eye. When someone good with an AWP is playing on the other team, you're basically forced to resort to just chargers and maybe some lucky smoker pulls. Nearly everything else fails to come close. Then, the charger can only take 3 hits tops (2 if you hit them in the chest or head with any of those shots), and the jockey can take only 2. That's basically just enough time to touch the ground from your rocket spawn before dying just like all your buddies. I've played games before where we barely touched the other team over a period of ten minutes simply because nobody was able to survive long enough after spawning to land a hit. For those of you who hate the idea of giving up the AWP, know that you can achieve the exact same effect with the AK47. Many people prove this is true, but it gives the other team at least a fighting chance in the game, since all infected classes (except the boomer) can take more than one hit. 2 or 3 competent aimers using the AWP can shut down an entire 10 person team from doing any real damage without multiple tanks. I've heard a couple rebuttals saying that we should keep the AWP, and just raise its cost to something like 30 points to offset how powerful it is, then remove it from spawning into maps regularly. I don't know if that's possible, but might be worth looking into. Honestly, I think disabling the Counter Strike guns is just the best way to go about balancing things out now that the general accuracy level of our regular populace is getting really high.
  9. heroman758

    Server Lag Issues Log

    Hey I've noticed a GC #3 server on the server list. Is this the new build you were talking about?
  10. heroman758

    Server Lag Issues Log

    Hey I've noticed a pattern for some of the lag issues. There seems to be a significantly higher chance people will lag on certain maps. The ones I've noticed are: ~Dark Carnival - Highway (first map) ~Parish - Bridge (finale) ~The entire Hard Rain campaign ~Swamp Fever - Swamp (second map) and Shantytown (third map) ~Dead Air (finale) [rarer than the rest] It could just be that these maps have more objects to render within player visibility, or maybe there's something else behind it. It might be worth checking into. Also I have no noticed any severe lag issues over the last couple weeks, but I've been distracted playing LA Noire so I don't have any reports to give.
  11. heroman758

    Server Lag Issues Log

    Apologies for this set of reports, I forgot to grab the server numbers. I've added that to the above info to get section! January 27th 10:09 AM - 2 people online, Max ping ~140, frame rate drops 10:14 AM - 2 people online, Max ping ~140, Server nearly crashed 6:51 PM, 20 people online, Max ping ~240, Rubberbanding issue January 28th 1:30 - 3:00 PM, between 10 and 20 people, Regular ping spikes above 400 February 2nd 10:30PM - 12:00AM, 9-20 people, Very severe frame rate drops and a couple rubberbanding instances (don't have times on those specifically, sorry) February 3rd 10:45AM - 12PM, 20 people, Max ping ~280, Frame rate for infected crippling, Survivors were somewhat impacted as well February 4th 10:45 AM, 8 people, Max ping ~440, Delayed actions making aiming nearly impossible for both teams 11:30 AM, 10 people, Max ping ~300, Server crashed *additional note: the other server's point system was also down at this time February 6th 8:33 PM, 20 people, Max ping ~250, Rubberbanding issue 2 AM, 18 people, Max ping ~400, Really bad delay in actions along with some scattered frame rate drops February 7th 2:15 AM, ~18 people, Max ping ~250, Delayed actions for infected team made hitting enemy players difficult
  12. heroman758

    Server Lag Issues Log

    Hello GC people! I'm putting together a log of the significant moments of lag within the servers, so that hopefully we can root out what is causing them! If you can, please help me compile a fuller log as I cannot be on the server all day long. While playing, keep a piece of paper next to you or your phone or something and just write down any moments you see that could be added to this log. Here's what to look for: Significant gameplay problems ~"Rubberbanding" - The server jumps backwards a few seconds. Sometimes it is preceeded by a quick freeze of the server, but you'll still be able to move around. ~Frame rate drops - If the game is moving like a stop motion film, this is probably a frame rate issue. Make sure to double check with the rest of the server to make sure its a server wide problem and not just you! ~Delayed Actions - The server is responding to your button presses, mouse clicks, etc. with a noticeable delay. A big one is not being able to aim accurately because your character is not moving at the same time as your mouse is. ~Ping Spikes - Look for server-wide ping spikes. If a large number of players suddenly jump into red pings (200+), then note that down! ~Server crashes - These may or may not be related, but report when they happen just in case so we can cross them off the list What to note down for your reports: ~Time it happens - Write down what time the specific event occurred. We will want to convert it to Central Standard Time (CST) since that is the physical server time. If you just want to use the time checking command in game to find the time that works. Otherwise, write down things in your time and convert them to CST when you post. ~Number of players online - This can help us figure out whether the problem lies with traffic in the servers ~Maximum ping you can see - Sometimes the server may lag just because one or two people's pings go off the deep end. Note down the highest ping you can see just in case that contributed to the issue. ~Server number - Push "H" and check the server number really quickly just so that whoever is looking through the logs doesn't look at the wrong server by mistake ~The Problem that happened - What the actual thing that happened is. (i.e. Frame rate drop, Ping Spike, etc.) If you think of any other information that the general public can gather, please share and I'll add it to this post. Thanks in advance for helping us make the GC servers better!
  13. heroman758

    Lag Issues

    Sometimes there is time to message you, and sometimes its just a really noticeable spike. I'm starting a new thread for the lag/glitch log so that others can help add to it in a more visually appealing place. Would you or someone else be able to mark it so that it stays near the top of the forum, so that others who report stuff can find it easier?
  14. heroman758

    Ghost Spawn Exploits Not Permitted

    Oh my gosh... that video... I'm dying of laughter.... aaaaah... Just for clarification, this is a "no using rocket/ghost glitches to phase yourself into places" problem? Or does this bar us from doing things like standing outside the elevator on Dead Center's finale to boom or landing on the raft in Swamp Fever and blowing up too?
  15. heroman758

    Lag Issues

    From what I've noticed so far, its not entirely dependent upon how many people are in the server. I've had bad lag with 3 and 20 people. Like I mentioned above, people's pings are regularly in the orange and red so I'm not sure how to utilize ping as a benchmarker, besides the fact that pings are generally a lot higher. I will start writing down times of day when the server noticeably hiccups, as well as players online and the few highest pings I can see. Hopefully that gives us a better clue to go off of!