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  1. @Flitterkill @crasx server 1 punts you off after the first level, server 2 shutdown immediately after you join saying not enough players
  2. Server 2 is completly MIA not even showing up and server 1 punts you right away with the message "Server Shutting down competitive mode requires human players on both teams" @Flitterkill @crasx help us your our only hope
  3. Server was working OK earlier today but now it is misbehaving again @Flitterkill @crasx Help Please
  4. Server 1 is MIA and server 2 kicks you off after 1 round of the parish and restarts the first map over and over and over.
  5. There seems to be an ongoing issue with GC for L4D2 can we get a pinned message regarding the issue and expected ETA?
  6. Just popped on to play a quick round but the servers seem to be down. any eta on when they will be back up?
  7. so I went to join the server today October 14 and there was another update took about 20 seconds to upload and install. Now I get the same error when trying to join after that huge update a couple of weeks ago. I guess Jackie or Crash have some work to do again
  8. there was a small update that came up today, now the servers are not responding or listed. it was released ~14:00 EDT Sept 25, 2020 seems like the same issue as yesterday
  9. This is not a bug but a feature, come try our new extreme 10v10 server LOL
  10. I just tried to play today and the buy menu is not working, any idea when it will be fixed?
  11. Morning I finally got electricity in my home and internet overnight. In case you did not know we had two tornado's touchdown in Ottawa Friday night Massive damage to Dunrobin in rural Ottawa, no fatalities but 4 critical injuries sent to hospital. Our main electrical feed was hit on Merival Road killing 60% of available power plunging the city into a blackout. I had been out of power until late last night. I just everyone know that I am safe and my family is safe too cheers God of Marshmallows
  12. Hi I just tried to launch L4D2 today and there was some sort of update, now I cannot join the server it does not show in my list does the server need to be updated? if so when will this happen? Anyone else having this problem?
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