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  1. yellowsun

    Hats, hats, hats

    All 50 hats are up! Sorry about that.
  2. yellowsun

    Keep Getting Kicked for AFK in Spec - Member

    This happens to me as well! I'll join a full server (it won't kick me right away) but after ~30 seconds in spec it'll kick me because I'm AFK (even though I'm clicking on the mouse to change views, etc).
  3. yellowsun

    Hats, hats, hats

    Did I miss a few? I'll double-check tomorrow. I did miss a bunch of them! Sorry all. I'll try to add them within the next day or so - have to wait for one of the servers to be empty again.
  4. yellowsun

    Hats, hats, hats

    Did I miss a few? I'll double-check tomorrow. I've seen a witch hat and it terrifies me! A jockey hat would be hilarious.
  5. yellowsun

    Hats, hats, hats

    Hello everyone. One of the 'perks' of being a contributing member is the !hat command in L4D2. It allows us to recognize other members, laugh at the hats, etc. When I first joined up I had no idea what my hat looked like (I use to pick the red emergency light). Now, the hat I always wear is the construction light (because it's yellow). Anyways, I had some time this morning and decided to take screenshots of all the hats. Some of them I found quite strange while others are pretty neat. Enjoy. From the topic L4D2 player/member commands list, & BINDS by Biggs: !hat <optional - hat name or partial name>; Gives your player the specified hat, or brings up a menu to choose a hat for your player if no hat name is provided--Survivor only 1. Hand Gib 2. Boomer Head 3. Head Gib 4. Circular Saw 5. Red Emergency Light 6. Alligator 7. Mr Mustachio 8. Traffic Cone 9. Teddy Bear 10. Toilet Seat 11. Water Bottle 12. Dock Pylon 13. Life Ring 14. Construction Light 15. Speech Quote 16. Smoker Tongue 17. Ceiling Fan Blades 18. F-18 Jet Plane 19. Civilian Radio 20. Riot Faceplate 21. Styrofoam Cups 22. Bug Lamp Zapper 23. BBQ Grill 24. Luggage Cart 25. Lantern 26. Exit Sign 27. Garden Hose 28. Pink Flamingo 29. Money Pile 30. Elephant 31. Giraffe 32. Popcorn Box 33. Gnome Closet 34. Snake 35. Toaster 36. Doll 37. Hub Cap 38. Mannequin Hand 39. Desk Lamp 40. Missile 41. Toothbrush Set 42. Coffee Mug 43. Computer Case 44. Fire Extinguisher 45. Clock 46. TV 47. Do Not Enter Sign 48. Baby Peanut 49. Health Cabinet 50. Urinal
  6. yellowsun

    So much for vacation :)

    I don't see any chargers. Hmm.
  7. yellowsun

    Cant see steam servers?

    I had this problem for most of yesterday but it seems to have resolved itself. I think maybe it was an issue with Steam?
  8. yellowsun


    I like it but I also agree that the mains are very important when it comes to 10v10. We try to protect them and that's what makes it fun and challenging.
  9. yellowsun

    New L4D2 Community Lead

  10. yellowsun

    General L4D2 Chat

    if you don't use !np, you don't need points from my perspective I think I'm going to agree with you on that one. There was someone who was incapped right in front of us and I sent all my points (14) to him. I don't know if he was totally out of points or something but he wasn't able to heal and died. It wasn't until the next few rounds that we realized he didn't know how to use points. Sigh.
  11. yellowsun

    General L4D2 Chat

    Me too - I've never spent my points on laser sights. Also, there's always a handful of people typing !up rather than !buy in the chat. Could we make it so it doesn't appear in the chat (like how !buy doesn't appear on the chat and just pops up the menu). That would be great.
  12. yellowsun

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    Awesome, awesome. I just downloaded it!
  13. yellowsun

    ADMIN VS MEMBER NIGHT - Saturday 7/12 6pm est

    Don't know why it's not in HD. I blame the Twitch to Youtube compression garbage. Thanks for the video - just started watching it. The one on Twitch is a lot clearer than the YouTube one.