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  1. "I myself have also seen Vex try to team hop in the past and have thus seen mods on the servers get onto him about it. He knew he shouldn't have tried to move and knows it." If this is true you guys need to change the rules of your server. It's clearly stated that switching is allowed if it's to the losing team. I would call being down a full chapter's worth of points losing. It's also said at the start that teams are unlocked and what not. The rule should apparently be "No switching teams. If they're uneven an admin will swap whoever they please because we rule the server like dictators." Don't tell me I'm being childish for standing up to so called "authority" when common sense isn't being used. Vex's history is irrelevant when this team swap was actually to the benefit of the server. Not questioning authority figures and falling into this sense of authoritarianism is what makes people like dessadammit here say things like this, "YOU sir were in the wrong for not only questioning him on it." The thing is if vex had just rejoined, it would of put him on the infected team and no one would of said a word. That's what makes this so dumb. That's why I was like wow....really....you're really not going to let him switch. "You're not an admin and I don't need anyone telling other players who can swap and who can't." Be real man....I didn't tell the guy to switch. I just called your malarkey on switching him back and wanted a justification. I was sitting on 30 points and got kicked for debating with an admin. That's the bottom line. Yes I had an attitude AFTER I WAS KICKED. Points are what make the server fun and I lost mine for trying to help make it a better game. Did you even check the teams before you switched vex back? Wouldn't that mean that you technically stacked the teams further? Please explain to me how Pump was in the right for moving vex from a 9v9 game to a 10v8, from the losing team to the winning team.
  2. 4) Stacking/ Team switching to win What is it: Switching to the winning team or team with more players in order to win Why is it bad: Makes game less fun for the losing team. When is it allowed: When an admin switches you or you move from the winning team to the losing team to balance the game The story goes like this. Teams were stacked from the get go, other team is winning like >600 to <100 after the first chapter finishes (this was barge). I loaded into the game at the end of the first chapter. The second chapter starts, we're playing, and the score gets to about >1000 to our still <100 (because we haven't gone yet obviously) with the team counts being the winning survivor team (10) to the losing infected team (8). At this point a player named vex tries to switch teams, from survivor to infected, to and I quote, "move from the winning team to the losing team to balance the game." Vex gets moved back to survivor, keeping the stacked teams. I ask why. Pump says something about people not moving themselves, have an admin do it. I question it, because it was obviously a fair team swap. I argue the case saying that it's just common sense for him to be able to switch. Then I got kicked with the explanation "admin disrespect". I rejoined with the name "AdminAbuse" because I lost 30 points in game with no warning. At the time I got kicked I hadn't sworn, I hadn't called anyone a moron, I was just stating facts that were all true, trying to defend the case of vex switching teams. WE WERE DOWN 1000 POINTS. It's just dumb. I came back in tinkled, pump and I argued more, and I said what I believe was, "No you admins need to pull your heads out of your asses," or something to that effect. I was then obviously banned. Yes it was wrong of me to curse, but I was wrongfully kicked first, for trying to make the game better. It's common sense that the switch should of been allowed. It took me a whole 30 seconds to find the rule above on your main webpage. I get that admins are trying to prevent people from team stacking, or playing infected all day every day, but pay attention. If you're going to kick people make sure it's valid. Make sure the person you're kicking isn't actually trying to have a real discussion of what is happening. You guys need to check your admins, because it seems like several just want to flex their e-muscles all day and kick/ban without validity. -R3D P.S. The whole team switch thing is moot, considering you can just rejoin the server and be put on the other team. People do that all day and no one says a peep. I find that interesting. Why would one be so heavily enforced and the other no one care about. What if you get disconnected, rejoin, and are on the other team? You shouldn't be allowed to finish the game with your team? The team you've spent the last 30 mins playing with? Food for thought.