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Kiarali last won the day on November 15 2016

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  • Birthday 12/18/1996

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    Left 4 Dead 2
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    Reykjavik - Iceland
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    GC server :D

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  1. Oh no, who left? D: Can't wait to see your Red Bull craziness in-game Carlos, we can definitely go stomp when I buy membership ;O Good to hear from you too, bro! Keep it awesome ^^
  2. Hi guys, I am back again. I haven't been active here in a while because of real life problems (that I don't really wanna talk about because I don't want people to worry). I am back now and completely unemployed D: I've missed you guys a lot and even watched some of AllShamNoWow's videos on the server. Some of you know my membership expired and I haven't renewed it yet, that is because I don't have a job yet so I don't get any money. I will however be buying a new membership ASAP, because I am getting money soon. I look forward to playing with you cool people like Maestro, San', tainted, Peanut, Merc, Shepard, Johnny, Meng, Sassy, DiXie, Carlos and the rest of you wonderful people See you in 2 weeks at most -Moira <3 -------------Meanwhile I leave you with this picture of my parakeet Robin---------------------------------
  3. I finally got that hard earned charge and then the guy I killed left his team and rejoined to take control of a bot. I know that is against the rules. Any admin willing to check it out I got a demo I can send (can't upload here since it's 2mb too big :<) Thank you for your time <3
  4. Will be 19 ;3 Will probably pop on L4D2 server tomorrow in honor of my bd ^.^
  5. It is mainly winds that go up to 50m per hour so it's like a hurricane
  6. There is weather almost as bad as a hurricane coming to Iceland (My home). Time to stock up on Coca-Cola and chips and chill at home all night. Might record while it's really crazy and put video on here ;p
  7. you people are so mean ;_; </3
  8. tainted I am getting angryyyyy of your trolling >_< lol jk, but still...
  9. tainted, I'm done with ya. Mercman is my new bff!
  10. I'm not even gonna bother, tainted >_<
  11. TAINTED, you are starting to push it...lol
  12. dammit tainted, you gotta stop >_<
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