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[c2d]all killer no filler

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  1. [c2d]all killer no filler

    Request for one Mmmm member please?

  2. [c2d]all killer no filler

    Remember the good ole days?

  3. [c2d]all killer no filler

    Dispelling the "Teams are Even" Myth

    how often does the T side on dust get stacked........CT's usually win most of the rounds on that match in a pub.
  4. [c2d]all killer no filler

    East Vs. Midwest II

    east would so pwn west
  5. [c2d]all killer no filler

    Word Associationess

  6. [c2d]all killer no filler

    Map restarts

    ty, yea the restarting got old after 4-5 times.
  7. [c2d]all killer no filler

    MCC Question

    sorry, i did say that was the jist, not for sure told him to talk to joo sucka !
  8. [c2d]all killer no filler

    MOVIE #2 by Fatso

    w0w, nice movie, i just had to be one of those ppl getting blown all to **** though didnt i......
  9. [c2d]all killer no filler

    This is odd.

    if i was walking down the street on a late night and saw fatty coming.....i would probably go to the other side of the street hes scary
  10. [c2d]all killer no filler


    w00t, im down as long as its over the summer and i will be of age (if you mean 21) and im sure i could drag nofx and cane with me, i think cane is pretty close by?
  11. [c2d]all killer no filler

    Your name...

    Sum41 = All Killer n0 Filler
  12. [c2d]all killer no filler

    If you could add a map to the rotation...

    if we cant get nuke on rotation then how bout some walmart? That map is cool.
  13. [c2d]all killer no filler

    MCC Question

    yea, im sure someone knows more then me but, i think you gotta get some referals from MCC teams then if Fatty aproves your squad then your in next season. Thats the jist of it at least.
  14. [c2d]all killer no filler

    Thanksgiving meeting in New Jersey

    w00t chuck norris