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  1. sumbudy

    Keep Getting Kicked for AFK in Spec - Member

    yes i am, been a month.
  2. so when i get connected in a game, after like 10 seconds i get kicked, even though im chatting moving around and spectating with camera, this normal?
  3. lol, ive been on l4d2 for like years, i was playing on this server before, but like a couple months ago i got back into it and this is the only server im playing on lol
  4. Just wondering how i know that it takes into effect? i get a email or message?
  5. ive been playing on this server for a while now, months. I was with the group and then myself and 2 others jumped down to kill some zombies, then the rest of the group went back, and said for us not to rush , we just stood in place trying to run away from the tank, and next time i know im banned. Sorry for rushing, but on the map we played there was no way to get back with the rest of the team when we jump down the cliff. i forgot the map but when you start their is a farmhouse on the left side than a cliff on the right which leads to like a building.