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  1. So I was playing on a gamrs.co L4D2 server yesterday sometime in the evening on the Death Toll campaign, I was playing as the infected (smoker), found a hole in the map, fell through it, was under the map, and started pulling a bunch of survivors back. An admin told me to stop, I stopped, we continued the game normally, finished it, I leave the server, come back next day and discover I'm banned. I know I was exploiting a glitch, for which I am sorry, it won't happen again. But I did stop when I was asked to, and the ban had happened sometime after I had already finished and left the game. I'm asking for an unban, because that kinda wasn't really cool of the admin to do. But I do understand that exploiting glitches the way I did is a shameful act, and I promise it shall not happen again. STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:76027425
  2. Sorry about that, didn't read it, I'm new. Anyways, it was around 11 pm, I was playing versus in L4D2 on the gcftw #1 server, I was on the infected team, someone on our team spawned as a Tank and I said "Go beat their a.s.s.es", and got banned. Only admin on the server that I'm aware of was Senpai. My steam ID is 76561198112320578, or Tornado Nick. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112320578/
  3. Since when is a swear word? It only means "butt", or donkey. Seriously, will i get banned for saying donkey? Or butt? What's next, fart? And by the way, I had to say (TBT EDIT tornado is not a clever person) , because if I just say donkey, it say DONKEY HEY YOUR FORMER TITLE-HOLE, FORUM RULES ARE THE SAME AS SERVER.
  4. TornadoNick

    Banned for no reason?

    Yes, understood. Once again I apologize, I'll be more thoughtful in the future
  5. TornadoNick

    Banned for no reason?

    Alright, sorry bout' that. Just didn't expect do get banned for saying "damnit", heard several other major players use it on several occasions, they were fine
  6. Alright, so I was playing on a Left 4 Dead 2 gc server, I got killed by a witch, I yelled dammit, 2 minutes later, got banned. No warnings, no one said anything about it, everyone was happy and chatting. Just "got banned". Now I can't get back on.