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  1. Pandas

    Reminder - admins are people too

    Sorry for being to hasty to reply without knowing all the details.
  2. Pandas

    Reminder - admins are people too

    Personally, I think admins who break rules should get more than just a warning. Admins become admins to enforce the rules, therefore they should be more familiar with the rules than anyone else. I don't think admins get punished seriously enough for their foul behavior/rule breaking. Admins are people, they do forget. Reminders are helpful, but so is actually enforcing rules against the admins themselves.
  3. Yuri brings up a good point, shoppers, also. I don't see how it's any different than "deadstop training."
  4. Okay, so if the other team getting points because of a teammate's negligence, why isn't shooting a boomer and having it explode on your teammates greifing, lots of infected get points that way? Why isn't healing someone in the open, where they can get pounced greifing? I don't think it's fair to draw a line like that. This whole rule seems like it's targeting a small group of members who have this playstyle, some pull it off, some don't. I don't think they should stand in the open baiting hunters with the risk of getting pounced but I don't think it's fair to call it greifing and ban them. It's almost like banning based on skill, if they're good enough to get all the hunters everyone is happy, whatever they stopped the hunters and got points and we don't have to worry about it, but if it doesn't work out we get mad and ban them? Piggybacking on that, hiding behind the word "training" doesn't seem fair to me, either. If they're doing it and not pulling it off is it training? Or is just the behavior itself considered training? If they deadstop every single hunter is it okay? I'm not condoning the behavior but I think making it a BANNABLE OFFENSE is probably taking things a little too far.
  5. I'm sorry, but this entire rule is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.
  6. Why did this instantly turn to pointing fingers. It's a personal responsibility not to be rude, a personal choice not to say mean things. Everyone slips up, has a bad day, and is rude sometimes, even me! In the end, though, each person is responsible for themselves and should be held accountable for themselves, admin or not. Just because someone else is acting poorly does not give anyone else an excuse.
  7. Pandas

    Tank Health

    Jackie, would it be possible to lower the time that bile affects tanks? If so, I'd recommend raising the cost of bile by just a few points so it isn't something crazy expensive but still creates more of a decision for the player, do I spend the points to bile this tank or just fight it out. Maybe players team up and take turns trying to keep the tank biled (if he even lives through the first one) or a player would have to commit a lot of points to keep said tank biled. Bile still has the same effect, doesn't last as long so not as much of a debuff, and the player must use 1 or 2 more points to buy. I also REALLY like tainted's idea of buffing the tank slightly while on fire, so frustrating to be burning to death while everyone is green and just constantly running away.
  8. I look forward to failing miserably.
  9. Pandas


    He is the hero GC needs. He is the BatSan.
  10. Pandas

    Server Popularity

    try reverse captains mode- two captains who chose what player goes on the opposite team. captain a pics for captain b, then b pics for a and so on "You get Shepard" "HA, THEN YOU GET PANDAS" "Fine, but you're having Proto." "I'm giving you Johnny then" "Oh come on, that's just mean. I'm giving you Pump now" "Dude, low blow." Giving someone Pandas, the ULTIMATE BURN!
  11. Pandas

    oficieusl admon complunt

    WAow i Am so offanded by thes pls remaove
  12. Pandas

    A few tips

    I love this post. Straight forward, detailed, and gives specific examples. This is the kind of stuff I like to see. Very helpful for the community, thank you for this.
  13. Pandas


  14. Pandas


  15. You need to come help me kill him, I'm not good enough to do it alone