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  1. Well I picked up an old gaming laptop. If u can get a couple of the guys from pg1 of this thread to drop in on a Sat night...I may join too and embarrass myself.
  2. Just noticed Kurtz and Mustard and X in here too at some point. Where is Fatty?
  3. Woah, a post from Gen J and I am only a month later!? Sup NOFX, DJ, Jiffeh, GenJ, ZD, Mom! Do I need to pick up a gaming comp and try and figure out Cs:GO?
  4. Tied a string on my finger to remember to check this thread 10 years later. Dapper Dan. Northeast or Southwest?
  5. Just realized a buddy was a former geeky gamer (he was big into UT). Made me think of u guys. Miss the OGs (Bob Lee - RIP, Fatty, Dirk, etc). Any of u guys on here still?
  6. this sounds like a good place to start. ill check my vid card settings and tweak the in-game menus. anyone wanna post up a good config file, or settings?
  7. thx for the posts guys. yes, I know that the choke is what is causing the lag, I want to know what settings will fix it? HeyZD! System is old. Cant remember. I think Asus MB, AMD 2600, 1GB Ram, Radeon 9800Pro 256MB. The problem just started when my steam quit working, so I un-re-installed Steam with CSS. So...settings prob or do I need to totally reformat my comp. Its only been a year or so since I did a total reformat.
  8. What settings do you recommend for me? I just reinstalled CSS Old cruddy comp, VERY fast fiberoptic cable: Netgraph 3 shows FPS: 25 In: 4880 Out: 70 Choke: 200 Ping: 32 As you can see, I am "lagging" horribly. Whats going wrong here?
  9. Whenever a vote or statbox pops onscreen, I cant just hit 1 (or whatever) or click to get it offscreen This screws up my gameplay FOr example a vote comes up and then I cant use my mouse wheel or whatever and cant vote either
  10. missed it, hbd anyhow mang!
  11. gOOters

    Dookey Poo!

    Enjoyed bumpin into ya tonight PM me details of the deal
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