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  1. Hey all you old timers (and new comers) I return once again... Anyway, quick question. I'm getting back into play CS:S, but my FPS isn't the strongest. Besides the obvious of lowering graphics and removing things, how can I possibly increase my FPS? Right now I'm hitting about 30, would love to get it to 50 or so. Thanks a lot guys!
  2. Silver-Bullet

    Problem #3

    It works, thanks alot man!
  3. Silver-Bullet

    Problem #3

    Alright, I installed CS:S yesterday, and it was fine. I was able to play it, and everything. I went to load it up quickly right now, and when i double click the CS:S desktop image, it goes to the CS:S page in Steam. It says that CS:S is installed and everything on my computer, but I can't play it. I went to the server list, and people were playing. I would double click a server, and it would pop up to the CS:S main page. How can I fix this?
  4. Silver-Bullet

    Flat Out 2 @ 8:30 EST Tonight - Meet in my Vent Office!

    Don't play this Fatty, play CS:S with an old youngin' like me!
  5. Silver-Bullet

    Hey oldies, making my semi-monthly visit

    How's every doing around here? Haven't talked to any of you oldies lately, and haven't made many posts here. Just wondering how everyone is doing and all that. Big thing for me is : I'm FINALLY getting CS:S. It's downloading off of Steam right now, so it should be up and running by tommorow. Does the oldies still play? Have other games taken up your time, and done with CS:S? How many guys that were here around 1.5 are still here? BubblegumBandit?? Playya/Psueles?? Zeabos?? Wilco?? m0m?? FATTY??? Congregation?? Anyone else I don't feel like writing down?? Pretty excited to be getting CS:S soon, hopefully I'll see some oldies (and meet the new ones here) in the servers soon. I'll be more active now..
  6. Silver-Bullet

    Quick question

    Thanks alot, another quick question. I'm a total computer n00b, and really have no idea on whats good or not. Is my current set up good enough to run CSS? What kind of FPS would I be looking at. I'd prob configure differently to get good FPS and little lag, but I'm still wondering. 1.81 GHz 480mb of RAM NVIDIA Geforce Go 6150 graphics card DirectX 9.0 AMD Turion 64 Processor Any other things I should tell you about? I really have no idea, so I'd appreciate the help
  7. Silver-Bullet

    Quick question

    If I download Steam to play CSS, do I need to purchase HL2 to play CSS? Can I purchase CSS alone and just have that? Thanks
  8. Silver-Bullet

    Anyone play Source on a laptop?

    Thanks for the reply guys.... I allready have a wireless mouse. I hate touchpads, they are very annoying to use. Graphics card- I have a nVIDIA card, and my friend said my laptop is good enough to play. I'm not positive I will be buying it though, I'm going to look into it and see what is up.
  9. Silver-Bullet

    Anyone play Source on a laptop?

    I recently got a laptop for birthday/christmas. I was thinking about getting source, now that I have a computer that can handle it. Is it annoying to play on a laptop, or is it basically the same as a normal keyboard, except closer together? Also, if I were to buy CSS through Steam's website, do I need to buy Half-life 2, or can I just buy CSS?
  10. Silver-Bullet

    Happy birthday

    to me! living the big life at 16, man I'm getting too old for this.
  11. Silver-Bullet

    ufc 62

    I'm so tinkled. I love the UFC, and order every event. I dont know why, but I thought this was next weekend. Grr. I saw the Liddell fight via YouTube, so I guess its fine. Cant wait till next one though! GSP vs Hughes rematch!
  12. Silver-Bullet

    The Origin of Pwned and w00t...

    liez. I invited those words back in the day when I had terrible spelling....
  13. Silver-Bullet

    Werewolf: Forum based game

    mookie ebildustbunny jackiechan discombobulated capt. coconut farmerisme unclean Thats it guys? We need more if we want to play this...
  14. Silver-Bullet

    Diablo2: Got addicted again

    Cleaning out my room because I'm switching rooms, I find my old D2 and LOD cds. I don't know why, but I decided to load them up again. I'm starting to play alot again. I have no friends though If anyone wants to run through the game untwinked, just respond here. I started a zeal paladin, and am at level 20. I'll help you level up, and get you matched up with where I am. Would be nice to play with people I know.
  15. Silver-Bullet

    Werewolf: Forum based game

    I think you guys are missing something. We arent playing a quick-game. We are playing a real time game. So daytime, will be day time IRL Nighttime, will be night IRL With 15 players, the game will last about a week TOPS. It will probably be a bit messy at first, but after everyone gets use to it, it should run smoothly. (how hard can it be if a 16 can play it? )