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  1. I also feel it's easier to land because you can air strafe much more. Also, you can always rocket in without being noticed and skeeted/dodged where as hunters have to time their entrances and move at a much slower speed
  2. Flower's son becomes the victim of a rare death charge spot
  3. Shadow encounters a surprise attack
  4. Ramen at the wrong place at the wrong time
  5. Mine are on youtube, so I guess those automatically embed
  6. Enough with the boring hunters... let's see some charger lovin. Post your death charges only, since they're harder to pull off.
  7. I'm assuming it's about playing with Deadlock-- Never had a clue that he had played using an alt account until after the recent forum topics. By coincidence we talked a bit last week for the first time actually (playing an unrelated game). But other than that I think I'm completely uninvolved in whatever recent events. Could I be unbanned?
  8. Sorry but chargers and their damage are one of the only things that actually make this game hard for survivors. If I want to get good points then charger is one of my weaker choices, and I consider my accuracy decent with the charge. I don't think enough people play them as is because the points aren't great (and many people don't know how to do a scratch charge) I would agree with the smoker points. However with the way smokers are played they just feed headshot points to the survivors. And it's not fair to give smokers more points on an easy pull that lasted one second before they get their head blown off by half the survivors. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but when they bring the survivor in for a hug they do a MASSIVE amount of damage. I don't know the number but it feels like 2x hunter pounce dps. They also have a very specific role. They're only good in multiple SI vs one/two survivor situations. For example the first survivor out of saferoom start is an excellent smoking opportunity (if you can't get wallbanged). Anywhere else you'd be better off using a different SI. So I think they should be rewarded for those useful moments when they actually bring in a full pull or hug the survivor (achievement similar to the 10 second jockey ride?) But I digress
  9. Since we're straying off topic.. The only way to reliably tank at key choke points on most maps is to exclusively play Hunter or boomer. But I think the only playmakers are chargers and boomers. Every other SI has a niche role which depends on the success of those two. If no one is hitting good charges (with collaterals) or booms then everyone else does poorly, end of story. It's only fair if charger points are increased. Half of the time you get cheated out of the charge and pummel points if the survivor is already against a wall. And there's also that irritating semi common bug where you can't bulldoze a survivor...
  10. No, because it gives the more "renegade" players an escape hatch for making a mistake and getting outplayed. For example: If someone who constantly plays the back alone gets caught, they should receive the punishment instead of having a chance to be bailed out. On a general note I think most of the mods favors the survivors, resulting in them reaching saferoom a majority of the time. It feels especially boring when both teams make it. I think it would be more fun for everyone if the SI were buffed somehow.
  11. My notes/tips 1) GET HEADPHONES 2) Most of the time I don't bother looking up for hunters. If I hear a hunter lunge sound, I simply make a sharp 30-90 degree turn to the left or right or just modulate my speed between running, walking, and just stopping.. Guaranteed they miss everytime. 3) If you keep dying while rocketing in, please don't start complaining about how the other team is too good or hacking. It's mildly infuriating to see people attempt the exact same move 5-10 times, die 5-10 times, and then just end up complaining about how teams are stacked. Of course you keep dying! You need to get creative. I guess this one's a bigger tip. Anyone worth their salt knows the frequent spawn points and can simply pre-aim those spots and pop you in the air everytime. When spawning in, there are three factors I think about: minimizing visibility in the air, ensuring that no silhouettes are looking my direction, and good timing. Everytime I spawn, I maximize all three the best I can. My favorite thing to do is to spawn ahead and appear immediately from a blind spot: everyone is concerned with spawns from the side or air. That's honestly the "meta" for the server, and I always like to find ways to break it.
  12. When you spawn as boomer, you should always try to rocket up towards the sky as high as you can, reaching for the stars.
  13. Rule is sensible, but is kind of slippery. Why not ban people for shooting the boomer on the DC elevator? I'm sure there's plenty of situations where you could argue for the survivor feeding the enemy team.
  14. Playing L4D2 with you people can result in anything ranging from frustration to excitement. But nonetheless, it's been one of the best communities I've gamed with! Happy new year everyone! Yes, it's a bit late to be saying that, but I forgot to post this earlier Here's to another year of GC!
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