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  1. EvilBananaWind

    Reminder This Saturday is a prize night! 8-1-15

    I guess I had the luck of the Irish.
  2. EvilBananaWind

    SNC's 7-25-15

    hi, im still alive
  3. EvilBananaWind

    Refreshing the Map Cycle

    If the server gave both sides a chance on each side it wouldn't be so bad on assault.
  4. EvilBananaWind

    Refreshing the Map Cycle

    Always liked assault
  5. EvilBananaWind

    Hey its me!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOz8-vKyEzc Be aware of this exploit.
  6. EvilBananaWind

    Hey its me!

    Mustard and I have been playing lots of Competitive recently. Would love to get another in the mix to help our win rate. Be forewarned I can get down on myself sometimes and be a bit negative. I'm working on it though!
  7. EvilBananaWind

    Hey its me!

    Ok I did it. Reserve slot here I come.
  8. EvilBananaWind

    Hey its me!

    Why should I give $15, and what type of pizza will TurnBull order with it?