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  • Birthday 05/28/1983

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    Eastern Kentucky University
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    Marine Corps. Counterstrike...USMC>CS

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  1. lance

    Geeze, man

    So I'm sitting here, TRYING to make steam be all "I am thinking to download teh updatez" but in reality it's all "I am thinking I am too many chromosomes"...so I MIGHT be on sometime in February...never know. Btw, is Steam as buggy and creepy as it was when 1.6 came out? Cause if so, I'll need to call Father Lance in here to exorcise it.
  2. lance


    Hey guys, For those of you that remember me, I plan on making my "Return to CS" tour starting sometime in February. I won't be fragging for 20 hours a day like back in the ol' college days, but after I became God in Final Fantasy XI: Online, I decided to lay that game to rest. I now have alot of free time that I'm looking to fill with an old scratch for my never-ending itch to shoot people legally, and considering I'm now a former Marine instead of a current Marine, CS will hopefully be enough to scratch that itch. My brothers over at VI are going to help get me set up as far as anything I need to buy/download/etc. So hopefully I can get back into my old groove and have a spot of fun with you blokes again. Lance
  3. Hmm, good luck and make my glorious Corps happy that she gave you birth, Flux.
  4. None of you are allowed to complain about hot... 3 days ago here in Djibouti Africa the heat index was at 143 degrees F, and I went on a 5 klick hump in full body armor and my machine gun around my neck. Try this experiment to simulate my pain: Stand in your bathtub, airproof your bathroom. Place 3 space heaters in the bathroom, hold two blowdriers (to simulate the desert winds) aimed directly in your face, roll around in some sand or kitty litter or whatever's handy. Take a massive dump in the toilet, light a trash can on fire. Now march in place for 2 and a half hours. You're as close to Djibouti as you can be without travelling 10,000+ miles to get here.
  5. lance


    Hey guys, I'm chillin in Africa for the time being. We stepped off the plane at 2AM here, in the winter time...it was around 80 degree's...it's freakin HOT here. In a few weeks temps will start leaning towards the usual 120-150 area. This is the hottest place on the planet, for real, the hottest temperature ever taken was at this latitude and longitude, or at least that's what we're told. But just letting you know I'm not through with my journey yet, but I'm off to a good start. Hope you guys are doing well and all. But it's 5AM here monday morning, 9PM east coast sunday night, so it's time to eat, grab some Z's, and then start some work later today. Missing you guys, Lance
  6. Hey guys, Tomorrow I'm heading off to Africa and all. At my folks' place tonight for a last night with them, then it's off to Djibouti Africa for a few months and then Iraq for a few more months. Hope you guys have a good year, not sure of what access I'll have to phones and internet and such yet, so I dunno exactly how well I'll be able to communicate. Seeya later guys =)
  7. Well, I got my mnk to lvl75 now, and I don't have any screens of him on-hand. But here's a screen the other day from my 66war/thf. It was right after I finally found someone to craft my Haubergeon+1, 3rd or so best body-piece for a war DD: Jerch the WAR DD
  8. lance


    Sorry I won't be able to attend this summer. I'll be in eastern Africa for the most part, with the possibility of a split-deployment to Africa for a few months then to Iraq afterwards for an undetermined amount of time as of now. My orders say I will be activated on 4th of January 2005, for at least 365 days, and that those orders can be changed at any time as the government sees fit. I've been told I'll be back sometime between September of 2005 and December of 2006, and not to bet on the former. So here's hoping you guys have an awesome time at the Lan, and I'll have net-access about once per 2-4 weeks, depending on how they decide to handle supplies for our teams. Also, sorry about not posting a whole lot on here, I've been getting carted around the nation to different training schools for more skills-training. But have a good time at FF05, and likely FF06, without me, and remember to find a comfy chair and enjoy a beer. ^^)b
  9. Are you guys still playing this? I'm d-loading it right now, so lemme know soon so I can pick up on the server you guys are on and all.
  10. lance

    FFXI Videos

    I got 2 chars. 60 war/nin-thf-sam on Ramuh. Hume. And lvl75 mnk/war-whm on Bahamut. Hume. Dude, the Kirin fight HAD to be the most fun I've ever had on a video game. It took so long, we died so many times, it was nuts. We were the first NA LS to kill him too, I think, on any of the servers.
  11. lance

    FFXI Videos

    are none of you watching these or what?
  12. lance

    FFXI Videos

    Blargh, you guys suck. =P
  13. Hey guys, while playing Final Fantasy XI, I've managed to get to the high-end end-game type stuff. Here's a few links to some video's of me helping out one of the best Linkshells on Bahamut server. God Domination Sandorian Dynamis with Wiffleball Kirin, the hardest HNM in-game that's been found to date Hope you guys enjoy the videos. We sure had fun killin this stuff.
  14. lance

    What do you do?

    0331 in the US Marine Corps. That'a a heavy-gunner. For about 2.5 years I got to play around with such favorites as the MK19 fully automatic grenade launcher, the M2HB.50cal heavy machine gun, and the M240G crew-served machine gun. I am now in the reserves, going to college, I work carpentry/construction in the summers, and in January of 05 I get activated for some more active duty action in Iraq. EDIT: Vital typos
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