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  1. I really enjoyed that one, Stole deadlock's kill, Killed my buddy dreamz, and probably deadlock after I wasn't sure. And then ended it by killing pump and seeing his body smash into the side wall. ahhhh good times lol
  2. "admins like Pump dying" Pumpsmacked: Warning:there was some language. but does this count?
  3. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    Don't put words in my mouth I haven't said, I haven't said that. And in all seriousness, I thought you were removing yourself from this matter. and yet here you are.
  4. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    I have stated several things that are new, you simply keep stating the same old simple responses. Prior to his very first response, I provided multiple LOGICAL arguments, all you have done is absolutely nothing aside from saying, matter is closed, we believe he cheats. other people have also provided logical reasoning, yet your stance has been the same throughout.
  5. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    @crasx idk, you compare deadlock being banned, to someone robbing a store, figured I can make random comparisons too
  6. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    First of all we brought slaves from everywhere] We brought slaves from Jamaica? Australia? India, China, Canada, Mexico, etc? I mean I could try to go and list everywhere but that ain't gonna happen. Are you talking simply out of anger without any factual evidence of this. I want to see proof of us literally bringing slaves from "everywhere" into America. And remember, provide EVIDENCE. And no turbo, I am responding to you like an adult. Providing logical reasoning, I am trying to talk to you like a person. We are having a discussion. Saying that this issue is dealt with and trying to swipe it under the rug. That is messed up, and THAT is childish. Wanting something to go away just because you don't want to deal with it.
  7. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    @zero, have you ever watched the movie 12 angry men? 1 person out of 12 believed that a person was innocent, the other 11 were ready to say that the person was guilty, only through constant talking and persuasion and bringing in logical evidence and facts, did they all end up agreeing that LOGICALLY, the person was not guilty. Sentencing someone for a murder he did not commit. that was greater than 90% of people that wanted to convict the kid. Now you say 90% is enough for a ban? no. I want 100%, if you truly feel that he hacks, give 100% that is your job as an admin. Not to simply shrug it off, and say meh, 90% is good enough lets ban him. Well, im 90% through your heart surgery, we can end it here. You'll be alright. Slavery is 90% removed, that's good enough. right? NO. You say there needs to be someone standing over his shoulder? HELLLOOOOOOO, has he not offered to LITERALLY PUT A VIDEO CAMERA OVER HIS SHOULDER TO SEE EVERYTHING. *sigh*, I apologize for my rudeness in my posts, but this is not fair. PERIOD.
  8. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    @turbo, I don't know the incident you speak of. But, almost any wall, in l4d2 is wallable. I know literally evvery single wall that is wallable on the l4d2 maps, I never played l4d1, so I still learn l4d1 wall spots now and then. If you could further elaborate on this incident, if he heard ANY sound whatsoever, he has every right to wall that spot. IF it is a common spot where someone may spawn, he can wall that spot. I pre-spam corners before I get to them in hallways because I know the only way a boomer can get me is by walking out. Generally I get boomed for it, But I don't need to be un-boomed to be able to see and know where I am and where my teammates are and where the enemy is going to come from.
  9. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    @everyone, fyi im not racist. that is simply what it sounds like. Sorry. Not giving someone a chance, is just wrong. Saying that just because you believe this, it should be like this. is wrong.
  10. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    @zero, its this simple, we brought african americans to america to be slaves, why should they get freedom, end of discussion.
  11. k1llz

    For those who are Too Good for L4D2

    @turbo, I know deadlock hasn't had the best attitude, but that is not necessary in this discussion of his ban and the accusations of cheating and I guess walling. @turbo, The reason deadlock is probably looking at hunters far far away, or worrying about them, is because do you know how easy it is to kill a hunter? 1 awp shot, on any part. 1 ak shot to the face, or I believe 2-3 in the chest. I will only specify those 2 guns, as those are generally the strongest, the m4 (cs) term for it, I forget what it is called in l4d2, is a really good gun for aim, with less recoil than an ak, and it allows for very good accuracy and precision on shots. If I had less ping, I could actually use it, But sadly I need to rely on the strength of the ak. So what is my point? A hunter, generally the better hunters, try to gain a height by bouncing off an invisible wall FAR AWAY so that someone doesn't shoot them down, because that is one of their most vulnerable times while setting up.
  12. So an example of the application of the system would be that, lets say you have hours of footage on a person, but if you break the hours down into like, the actual moments of when the person does a fishy shot or something, ull get rid of a lot of extra time, and yes like i said, this would be time consuming for whomever is recording the clips, to throw the video into a video editing program and then cut the clips, and make the file and then upload it somewhere that others can access... like.. I see how that can be very time consuming... Im too lazy to even make a video of my deaths in dark souls because there are just so many But yeah, turbo is correct, when valve bans someone. you get a message on your screen saying, you have been vac banned from valve secure servers or whatever. But the thing is, valve's system is pretty accurate, I have never met ANYONE that has been banned from valve, that was innocent. EVER... IDK just report deadlock to valve and let them deal with him? lol
  13. I believe what viva is referring to on overwatch is a system in CS:GO, that allows other players, generally more skilled players that aren't reported of negative atitudes or cheating and such, to view what OTHER people report. I have participated in viewing demos of 10 minutes of footage, and then given my consensus on the matter. If valve gets enough people that vote to ban a certain person, they then, themselves review the evidence and when/if that person does get banned. I would get notified saying that someone I recently reported in overwatch has been banned, thank you for your assistance in keeping our community hacker free. or something along the lines of that. It is indeed a neat system, it involved not only valve to make an ultimate decision, but the person doesn't actually get thrown to valve unless members of the community truly feel that person should be more thoroughly checked. It isn't an entirely terrible idea, however time consuming it will be. As I don't know a way of getting members or what members to be allowed to also review demos, and a way to allow an ease of access to all this, because uploading a lot of footage can be difficult. Oh, a thing I forgot to mention, so the 10 minutes of footage, I believe is from a single game? that that person was reported in. And there may be multiple games, so other people may get different maps the person was playing on and such. So yeah... I mean it is difficult to base it off 10 minutes, But i'm pretty sure there are different 10 minute segments that different people see. (if any of that makes any sense). So basically a person accused of cheating on different games, has multiple 10 minute clips, so I would only be able to view one of the 10 minute clips, but other people can also see the same one, or they may get a different one? idk LOL im so sorry with english
  14. First and foremost, I would like to state that I specifically asked admins to NOT post on here. There was no aggression, no hostility, until it was provoked BY an admin. furthermore, are members not allowed to ask for the opinions on one another? we can't do it in the server, because that is for gameplay, hence my bringing about this discussion FOR members on the forums. @crasx, Indeed it isn't a democracy, however your following statements are false, rules have been implemented that were probably a voted on change were they not? Example, a ban on attempting to practice deadstopping hunters Example, a ban on practicing hunters Indeed both these can be a form of griefing as players are helping the enemy team out by either not attacking or getting attacked for free. In any case, these were changes made and im sure it was basically a full on majority vote for it. @crasx, Continuing, you state that you do your best to listen to user input, I believe that is what this discussion is about, however it seems like you are not wanting this discussion to occur. I do apologize for not making this in the members only section, however, Would that have stopped admins from posting here? If so, then my apologies, feel free to move it. You state he is using assistance? What kind of assistance? Aimbot? where is the proof? At the end of the day, This seems to me like deadlock has gotten simply too could and frustrated admins simply can not handle playing against him, and probably some other players and perhaps he is demotivating other players from wanting to play because of his playstyle. I will agree that deadlock's behavior probably isn't the best, however, out of game I can say what I want and whatever I want about other players and admins. I do not bring that into the gameplay (at least not anymore). I wasn't the best apple when I started, but I adjusted, I can do my swearing without activating my mic, I am not obligated to like every single player, and I know admins aren't the fondest of me. But in the game, we play as a team and that is that. Deadlock is a team player and does his best by killing the infected or securing enough points for a tank, etc. If you say there is no point in this thread, then there is no reason to waste an hour reading it. @Johnny This post is a discussion for members as I just stated. It hurts that all the admins that seem to want this ban in effect are the ones ignoring my request and posting here. Based on your reasoning, the moment a player becomes too good. They will be suspected of cheating and inevitably banned. A long time ago when I was 12, I was stupidly good at counterstrike 1.6, However, I never made it anywhere competitively, simply because I was honest about my age to people and they felt that my being so good when I was so young I was cheating. Now, don't get me wrong, When I was 11, I was curious as to what cheats were like and I tried them out because why not? I paid my price when my account got banned, I was young and dumb and was just trying things out. I had to buy a new account, I don't come from a wealthy background, so having to pay for another account was enough for me to not need to cheat. Besides I ended up getting really good as it was. I never ended up going anywhere competitively because people always thought I cheated. Fast forward into the future a bit. There was a server in CS 1.6, that went by the name of I believe SP. I don't recall now what it stood for, however, basically, if you were too good,you would get banned for "cheating". They had a forums to appeal. But it didn't matter, the moment you were banned you were gone. It was disheartening to be banned in my 2nd day of playing on that server. Deadlock has been here for two years with a progression in his skill. That progression only occurs overtime. It frustrates me as his friend as well as someone who paid to play on this server knowing that. Once someone gets too good, they will get banned. Now there are some people that come in on new accounts and do exceptionally well, sometimes they are just smurf accounts and sometimes they are just new players, THAT is when the question of cheats comes into play. Anyways, as you stated this won't change any of your minds. A final note to all members and future members, I hope you don't get put on the opposite end of a ban you don't deserve. It hurts johnny, I truly wish you knew. I am done on this discussion. Thank you admins for showing me that you don't care about your members by posting here and ignoring my request. Thank you members for posting with thoughtful responses. I wish more members would have posted with reasoning for deadlock cheating and using this "assistance" you so speak of. Have a good day.
  15. @Clony, Again, my intentions are not division, But I do appreciate the input you have given. And yes, I can agree the system isn't the greatest, it works somewhat and occasionally falters. But is it too late to ever have any potential change in a system? In America itself, the country has come a long way, From abolishing slavery to accepting homosexuals. Change is good, it isn't worth letting laziness get the better of us to change a system so that it could prove beneficial to others. I'm not asking this simply for deadlock, but for any player in the future that is put into his position. Anyways, my intentions weren't to bring any politics into this, Simple an example. Perhaps a system isn't the greatest, but it is never too late to change, update, and adapt. But you make an interesting point about external assistance? I am curious as to what kind of actual physical assistance he could be getting that would be giving him an advantage in the game that would be considered unfair, if you could elaborate on that? and Thank you for your post.