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    Ask and Ye shall Recieve
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    Ah.. Games games and more games? Oh yes and my amazing girlfriend of 1 year now =)<br><br>Edit:2/16/04 That amazing girlfriend is gone now... =( But maybe someday I'll get her back... Hope hope...<br><br>Edit:3/30/04 Hehe... Got her back =) Sort of lol..

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  1. I have to say, so far I completely agree with Wayfarer. The PvP is interesting and some of the classes grow on you after several levels, but the graphics are almost distracting they're so regressed. I have a respectable computer but the only thing I can think when playing is "Dang. I'm playing DAOC again, but it's jerky." There's no reason for the high system requirements given what I'm seeing on the screen. The class differentiation is fairly shallow. There's a high degree of "everyone kills everyone" and a large number of classes use the combo system a la WoW Rogues in one form or another. That said, when people are actively participated in public quests, they're a lot of fun. When the RvR queues are short, that's a lot of fun. The rest of the time, the game is pretty forgettable. Within 10 minutes I stopped reading quests and just mindlessly followed the arrows and red regions on the map, completing them at random. A good side-game to WoW? Possibly. The almighty WoW-Killer it was reported to be? Definately not. And I'm not even such a WoW die-hard that I couldn't be persuaded to leave it. But this is just not the game that is going to do it. Not as it sits currently anyway. I am playing on Reikland for Order and Sapheris (something like that) for Destruction but I'm not bound to either one yet. Just something to fiddle with.
  2. I don't think Blizzard is currently purging chars.. You might want to check with your "friends". I could be mistaken though.
  3. Lol was just a joke. But holy crap man you're older than me.. You hold your age well since I would've sworn you were younger. lol and I don't drink so I'll just blame it on poor guessing. Zester was the short dark haired one with the high pitched voice right? ;-) Remind me to shoot him extra-often now too. ;-)
  4. Well after a semi that burned to the ground and another than launched a strap buckle at us and dented Cranky's Mustang, Dad and I arrived safely at home around 8pm CST. Dad crashed around 11 and I like an idiot, am still awake. I blame the caffeine. And for that I blame whoever gave me the caffeine. However since that entity has long since departed from my memory, I have no one to blame but myself. I'm going to bed. Goodnight. -Nyx signing out. PS - I too would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the staff of FF05, especially Fatty, HPD and everyone else responsible for making it happen. This was my second FF and it was even better than the first. It's awesome to get to meet all the people that I play with on the servers and just pal around for a couple days (and of course get some good fragging in.) Good games all, I enjoyed them thoroughly. So thanks and kudos to the staff. With any luck, I'll return for a third year next year. =) Oh and btw. I now know that Acid-Flux is a pimple-faced kid and I feel all the more compelled to stomp the stuffing out of him. MUA! <3 Flux. =)
  5. I'm up to 5500 or so... There is some skill to it I've SLOWLY discovered.
  6. im confused... what do i do after the initial impact? just seems like luck?
  7. Yeah it was like Doom III, but better.
  8. According to that... I don't exist. But everyone else in my family does.
  9. Official Survivor Congratulations! You scored 77%! I keep a pair of 24 inch daggers under my bed... I think that should take a few zombie skulls to the dirt fairly easily... I killed 132 of em...
  10. Great until she buys another balloon while you're out skulking for the bird.
  11. Nyx Erinyes translated is roughly "Night Fury." I'd say that's kinda bad...
  12. Not likely... I made mine the month it came out and never renewed the subscription. Renewed it 2 weeks ago and he's still there... *boggle*
  13. My first reactions were: 1) Haha Bigshaw! 2) Oh my word, Contra is back?! (Whom I've never actually met but heard about.) 3) Stupid timestamp not being readily apparent. =p
  14. She's been seriously sucked in. I don't think we'll ever see her again... I don't get it myself, after mastering 8 or 9 professions and putting 20 mil in the bank, I found I didn't really have much to do anymore... =P
  15. Played the stress test... If you like combat-oriented MMO's stay with CoH. If you just like hardline RPG's, go play WoW. /end Story. MxO is outright TERRIBLE. At everything.
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