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  1. Now, this just came up recently, but it really got to me so I felt the need to bring this issue up. I personally think that the quality of the server has gone down. I'm not labeling any names so I can make is as broad as possible, but I feel like either the admins are not stepping up, or they're being too aggressive. For example, just played on Sacrifice, and I had a legitimate question about leaving the tank in the container after activating it. Instead of being calmly told that no, you can't do this, it's considered a glitch and is ban worthy, I'm told off that if I do that I will be banned. I'm not being talked to nicely, and am just talked to as if I'm some sort of a jerk that just wanted to glitch. Then a member adds on that there is always some jerk looking to use that glitch. I haven't been on the server since 2016. I don't consider myself the most knowledgeable about L4D2 so I like to ask questions. I don't appreciate being called a jerk or being regarded as some idiot. I have actually questions about what can and can't be done because I happen to like the server, and the players in it. But why should I come back if this is how I'm going to be treated. Look, I'm sorry if I'm just making a big thing over nothing, but this really got to me. Had a really poopty day and looking to call down after a bit of an anxiety attack and instead I'm called out and I just can't handle it at this point. If you think I'm just crying over spilled milk by all means delete this post. But I needed to get this off my chest while I could. Gonna just avoid the server for a little while to calm myself down, and then decide if I went to spend my time here.
  2. mylilneko

    Discord, future, etc.

    When trying to join on Discord it's asking me to put in an Invite Invitation code. It's so complicated!
  3. mylilneko

    An Account of my rush on the server

    Thank for the input everyone.
  4. Alright, so I'm here today to talk about an account of me rushing today on the server. At around 12:30am to 1:00am on April 2nd, during the fourth map of Dark Carnival I rushed the cresendo and went into the saferoom. At first I was going in to either start a tank or make a tank spawn and go for me as I wasn't a main. Behind me was Cisco the Kid and Max Rockantsky. At the halfway mark of that long hallway toward the concert enterance a tank appeared and began attacking. I bought up and went forward to run from the tank and it chased me until I got to the saferoom. After the tank left a hunter was waiting outside for me. I told my team, or more specifaclly Meant, what I should do, and he instructed that it was a team decision on wether or not I should stay in the saferoom. No one on the team was complaining and Max was verbally calling me to stay in the room. I went off of their judgement and if I deserve a ban for that, I understand. I'd just like a forum notification of the decision and also wanted to adress this matter personally before someone else went to complain. Thanks for any replys I get, good or bad.
  5. mylilneko


    Just got my membership renewal down so I'm just waiting to be approved. Thanks so much Joda! Hello again to everyone. Watch your back tainted!
  6. mylilneko

    Laughable Ban

    I have the available footage for this match. Unfortunately I was on the opposite team so I have none of the actual dialogue recorded. Hope this helps in any way. The video can be found here: http://plays.tv/video/555901ba568602ba09