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  1. if anyone has a connection problem I found that MS messenger conflicts when logged on. On my pc I could not log on to Steam or vice versa. If Steam was logged in I could not log into my messenger account. Perhaps you have some other software that is running that conflicts... just a guess. Also Fatty, I hope this one works, I got the cached version from fileplanet and I could not join in any games. I got just verifying games resources. At this point I Xp restored to old cs and I'll play that until I get the guts to try again. Thanks Fatty, Auggybendoggy
  2. due to the fact that steam is fairly new and so many people are struggling. I think it would have been a better Idea to wait till steam is perfected. The fact is this MMMM is the best place to play for community reasons. It would have been nice to see them patiently transfer to 1.6. However, perhaps most people it works for. I find that I got me into one game once and I couldn't even play just watch from a corner of a building and not move the camera. I'm just making suggestions for future updates. I do get to see who's online playing and I figure most made it in : ( I just started playing here (and CS for that matter) about a month ago. I've really enjoyed it. I'll be playing 1.5 for sometime till Steam is fixed. Take care till then everyone and happy CS'ing. Auggybendoggy, ps I'll still post here in the forum Bye
  3. Well, Not that this will help much (hahah I baled on steam and am back playing 1.5) I'll wait to play in mmmm If you don't have an connection make sure your firewalls permit all ports requested. (i know you've already done that). I had that message after a failed 1st install. I tried to install a 2nd time and it connected....Thats the way an installation should be...yea right. To be honest everyone has such a different exp. with Steam Valve really should have held this one back a bit. It's a mess. If you go to Valvesoftware.com and go to the forums you'll see there are tons of people having problems just like yourself so your not alone. Don't think you are the only one with wierd problems. Some people can't even get it installed. Is it their machines? Who knows. Probably. I did find that MS messenger conflicts on my pc when steam is running. I cannot run them simulteounsley. If I log into Messnger I cannot run steam. My advice Bale on Steam for about 6 mos. Late, Auggy
  4. When I get to Validating Game resources it hangs for up to 2 hours and goes nowhere? Did your CS do that? I love waiting 2 hours to play. It's the anticipation. NOT! Auggy
  5. steam for me stinks!!! I get to Validating game files or something like that and it just locks up until I hit cancel. it's terrible so far. How many people are getting this junk to work. I imagine quite a bit. But I also have read tons of people have several problems. My first install failed. I tried again and what would you know....It worked. All is going well till I join in and it locks up. GREAT just GREAT. I know its beta. But couldn't everyone switch when it was like at least 90% accurate. Seems like its more like 50%. At least it seems a whole lot of people are having troubles. Well I'll just have to keep trying till I figure it out. If anyone know my particular problem or solves anything please share it with everyone. Auggy
  6. I don't buy the Calvinist (extreme) views myself. I also dont buy the middle ground that says he knew what we would choose and appointed us unto it. Then it really does depend on me loving him not him loving me. I thought he chose me by his own mercy. As it states in romans he will have mercy on whom he has mercy and compassion on whom he has compassion...it does not therfore depend on mans efforts or desires but on God's mercy. So I don't believe God based his descision of whether I would love him by his knowing I would love him....Thats illogical and circular. These issues have planted doubt in me because I see the scriptures supporting both Ideas at times and destroying both Ideas at other times. For instanse I do believe Paul makes the point that God can do as he pleases (using Pharoa as the example) yet if God has a elect group to be saved then how can it be his will that all should come to repentance? There are other tensions but this one in particular has made me doubt Theologians and pastors. I see people struggle (shall i say dance) in order to support one side or the other. I like what Congregation said becuase I like to keep the focus with my friends off of these issues and keep them on more important matters like love and mercy. Late, Auggy
  7. Dweez, I appreciate that point alot. Although I blame God. Im kidding! I blame myself and this others. What I mean by blaming others is that they don't help the situation at all either. I have people in my life...uhhhh shall I call them BOSSES who are pure 100% grade a a-holes. I find that I hate them....It's my fault I hate them ultimately, but if you treat people like crap they will hate you. So both of our sin builds up more sin. I like that you point out Pauls struggles too. I am one who reads Romans 7 and 8 and feel Paul admitted he struggled. I know there are many who say Paul was not saying that but he says it in Galatians if not in Romans so I don't see the problem of interpretation. Goot, good job on a 2.1 $300.00 unit. Whatever you do never buy one of thos 1200.00 pc's. Build it yourself if you don't know how to you can hook up with someone here like me or probably every other person. It's sooooo simple you wouldn't believe it. Heak you being a gamer probably already know how. For 300.00 bucks I would buy it too. It was nice meeting you and playing. Look foward to more games and conversation goot. Late, Auggy
  8. I tend to believe that no matter how strong or confident the person (Apostle Paul, John the B, Peter) they all doubted like Thomas. I think we all doubt. I feel that I gave into my intellect of knowing I should not doubt so for a long time I never admitted it. Now that I've grown some I feel I can admit the truth to others about life and beliefs. Is there anyone that doesn't ever doubt? It's almost like saying "Im not proud". Perhaps I'm wrong and there are some that do not.... Do they logically reason? I struggle with apparent or seemingly contradictions like Calvinism and Armenianism. Or how do works and grace both play a part in our lives. I know, most people say they are not contradictions but Dichotames. I say "I am not sure". Whatever the case MMMM is playing "viallage map" right now which my pc said "cant find village.wad in valve directory" so I have time to type this. Cool huh? Auggy
  9. hello everyone, Im kinda new here. I just starte playing CS about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I'm enjoying it alot. Kind of like playing Paintball which is alot of fun but it's much cheaper. I'm enjoying the server for the enforced policies that are implemented into the game play making much better. I can't stand all the cussing and racial or sexual statments made by people (usually young people) who don't care about anything or anyone themselves. So I've really enjoyed learning the game and playing on this server. I totally doubt my faith many times. It's so easy to do. It's amazing cause many people who believe the bible don't even catch that John the Baptist even doubted Jesus. This dude walked with him, baptized him, saw miracled by him yet later STILL DOUBTED. If this cat could doubt then how can we not. I don't believe there is unquestionable evidence to Gods existence. If there was then I feel faith would be a little meaningless. Its not like other things around us that we touch and feel. Often I ask others how I am supposed to be in love with someone I have never touched or felt or literally had a discussion with. So anyhow I doubt too. Big time. Recently I find Sermons boring as dishwater and stale as old bread. I need interaction at church. Anyhow I'm off the topic. Glad to join you all and meet you all. bye for now Gene
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