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    Left 4 Dead 2
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    Hail Xenu! The almighty rightful leader of our visible universe and all that lies beyond!

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  1. Sounds like something out of Legend of Zelda but idk.
  2. Ignis

    Steam Sales on L4D2

    So sad much loneliness.
  3. Ignis

    Steam Sales on L4D2

    huh... I'm only in the GC one so..
  4. Ignis

    Steam Sales on L4D2

    Hey, a lil off topic but just installed l4d2 on my new comp and noticed that the number of l4d2 servers nearly doubled in the list... Is this related to the summer sales or for reason could I not see them before (saw 32-36 before now it's 58). Also I'll be there to welcome the new players
  5. Finally finished my build. Those shipments took forever! So happy I finally got it.
  6. Hahahahahahhaahah after way too much time and wy too much waiting I finally put in the last order for my last part (meh ram). I'll be sure to post some pictures of my beautiful finished project .
  7. Ignis

    Server Popularity

    Hahaha I was one of the random noobs during the christmas of '13. Got the game for free on sale . Also what Gandalf said seems like fun although I know I'm not one of the 'newer' pro players .
  8. Ignis

    A few tips

    I am pretty guilty of requesting for points with out typing anything
  9. Ignis

    Server Popularity

    Personally I would like to see Server 2 to be modded once again since you have to deal with hackers on pretty much every single other game there is. I wouldn't mind having to run into a hacker now and then if it means I get my mods back. I miss my HD mods with a shrek tank coming after me.
  10. Ignis

    Server Popularity

    Currently I'm working on getting my new computer up and running (already half of the parts have shipped ). But after nearly 500 hours of l4d2 on a mac laptop and lots of other games my laptop is kinda breaking and heats up randomly so I haven't been playing nearly as much. I still need this laptop for academics .
  11. Ignis

    New achievements

  12. Ignis


    Ah okay, I thought it was auto kicking.
  13. Ignis


    What happens when one guy gets charged really far back like out a window but survives. This guy is now throwing off the numbers substantially. Will the entire team be marked for rushing or what? Also sometimes a team may be getting completely destroyed and they know there is no hope for them so they let one or two mains rush. Will these people be kicked by it or not?
  14. Ignis

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Yep, definitely a bug for me as well. Some times it'll make me someone get kicked on the survivors then put me on the infected