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  1. whoa. it's been awhile. CS2 coming out...made me think of the good ol days.
  2. Someone shoot me a note on steam when its happening - I'd be down to be embarrassed in CS again.
  3. Jiffy


    I've been having a really good time since FPP mode came out. Hope to see you guys out there.
  4. I tried two levels with a buddy - this game is dramatically harder than I expected. Could be amusing for co-op with buddies. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. I picked up squad on sale - exactly as I remember PR, except harder! Hope to see you out there!
  6. I was amused and angered. Rage inducing, at the very least - but also super satisfying when you are able to win the match for your team. few thoughts: non-dedicated servers - I understand why they don't have them, but the constant dropping of the host due to rage quitting is horrid. There should be a penalty applied for quitting mid-match, like ranked siege applies (cool down to join) Round start - I dislike that they don't say "Round 1 - FIGHT", it is an unsatisfying 'round 1'...just feels incomplete. (its mortal combat with weapons and power-ups, might as well go for it) Classes - I like the balance, for the most part. I know three more will be available at launch - but I wonder how many more overall? Also - will they vary the play style more? Include another faction at some point? Feats - are these necessary? Is there a way to search for a game mode without them besides doing custom? It is arcade-y if you include the power ups too - I just want a mode without them, or at least the option. Game modes - If it is only the three modes on launch, I would be disappointed. (4v4 is the biggest mode available...seems limiting). Environment - Love the use of ledges, pits, etc. - really fun dynamic that forces positioning into the mix I liked it, I had fun, but I doubt I will pick it up...unless a few of my buddies do as well. Playing with randoms doesn't seem like a good time, as the necessity for teamwork (with audio!) is essential to any type of success in team play.
  7. I bit the bullet and bought Rust while on sale. I am on laptop only, so I won't be max out settings...but - I'm definitely down to join some friends to test it out. Let me know when the next group gathering is? I assume you are on discord for game nights?
  8. So...project reality with updated graphics? It looks exactly like my kind of game. It bridges the gap between Battlefield and ARMA, or so it appears from the few video's I have seen. If/when I build a desktop, this might be purchase number 1.
  9. I played way, way too much BF2 - project reality, so this looks interesting!
  10. I'm in basically the same boat! I started my MBA this past June. How is the schedule set up for you? I have 3 classes/term but only 2 at any one time (one 16 week course and x2 8 week courses). I have managed to get quite a bit done on lunch/2-4 days after work once the kids go down, thus freeing up weekends for more family time. Good luck!
  11. Love it. I've been a battlefield fan since 1942...and this one will be great. The beta was limited in scope (1 map, 2 modes)... but, cutting a man down with a sword on horseback does bring great joy.
  12. Downloaded. I will try to find one of you guys for a few matches!
  13. Define 'us' - how many people you have playing? I have 7 days to die on PS4 - but, I assume the crafting function is essentially the same? Is the game still worth it? I heard after they added the 'xp' function it kind of killed it... How big are servers, is there a 'wipe' conducted every so often? * I'm a curious noob
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