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  1. Raptormarius

    Banned from my favorite Insurgency server.

    Apparently it is... I doesn't say temp banned either so I'm not sure if that's a thing.
  2. Hello Guys, Let me preface this request with saying that "gamrs.co| co-op-Hard- ExtraPoints" located at "" is by far my favorite PvE server in Insurgency. If you play with any regularity on that server you will more than likely recognize my name. It is due to unfortunate events that I'm here today to say that I was "Vote-banned" by JacobtheAngryCat ...http://steamcommunity.com/id/jacobtheangrycat/ .... he was playing two others and before I was banned he quickly said, "This is a private server". I found that odd considering I never knew it to be a private server in some 2 months time since I started playing there. If it was private why wouldn't it be passworded? Because I was vote BANNED and not kicked led me to believe it was not a credible person who started the voting and started hitting that f1 key. So if you all would take the time to investigate and let me play on that awesome server once again I would appreciate it.