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  1. grammyclark

    Opinion on Swamp Fever?

    Can't wait to die early in map 1 :yellowbiggrinsqr:
  2. grammyclark

    Opinion on Swamp Fever?

    Well, since Peanut told me not to wait another year for my second post here... I'm starting this thread. During all my time playing on this server, I've seen many different reactions whenever Swamp Fever comes up as the next campaign. So, I thought I'd start a poll out of curiosity, just to see how many people actually like/hate Swamp. Personally, I don't mind playing it, even though it can get kinda slow/tricky for SI in certain parts. I think the first round and the finale are the most fun to play, but that's just my opinion. I wanna know yours!
  3. grammyclark

    Steam Sales on L4D2

    Idk if anyone else feels a bit like me, but I only recently started "communicating" more... I guess I just felt a bit out of place with everybody knowing everybody else (the regulars, i mean), besides the fact that I don't own a mic (that's on me, i know...). I got the game on last year's summer sale, and I sort of understand people getting mad at the new guys for not knowing the rules/generally being lost in the game. However, when I see some new people that actually follow the rules and/or ask how to do something, I can't help but think about me as a complete newbie last year, trying to figure out how the points system worked, or what mains were. So yeah, maybe not even 10% of the new people will stick around, but hey, at least this great community will have grown a bit and maybe even gotten a couple new talents. It's been almost exactly a year since I got the game and started playing on this server, and I couldn't wish for a better place to play. I hope I continue to get to know some more people and hopefully get a mic soon. To all the admins (and members too): keep up the great work you've been doing all this time! </pointless cheesy post>