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  1. AdamSvp21

    Unban Request

    Hello. This afternon i was banned by admin Max. The reason: "inappriopriate language". (¿?) 1. He mutted when we start the new map, then i cant spoke. Later, he begging to yeal me some arguments to kick me. I don't understand why he yelled at me . He mutted without a justifiable reason. He said literaly "He know me" and that is all. 2. While Max yelled his arguments at me, I answered him through the global chat. At no time did I use obscene language or was vulgar with it. I just told him to have a belt and to treat everyone the same. I attach the log the game bc i dont have more. log.txt
  2. AdamSvp21

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    Hello. My english is not good. Sorry about that. I have a complaint. Today at the beggining of Cold stream, one player want to swap because your friend was in the other team. I replied that is not possible (Stack). Antoher player response the same. Anyway, the current admin swaped the guy. Look the Image: Yes I play with 27 fps and yes a i have 207 ping (or more) lol. I think the administrator (DAlhigeri) is in the phase of training. Perhaps that is why he did it. I post this not with the intention that sanction him or ban. I write this so that these actions do not become repeat Regards.
  3. AdamSvp21

    Rank Listings

    Hi. Check this: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/pages/l4d2stats. And This: gamrs.co/l4d/stats/awards.php Clic on any player name to see details. Cool! I want to see something like efficent percent global (chose a name, idk): Player with more points in a less time. Maestro have 24 Millons but he has more time in the game. Maybe create a new award to efficent per example: "Donald Trump is the more efficent player with XXXX points in only XXX Hours"
  4. Hello. I play AoE. What is your steam ID?
  5. AdamSvp21

    Flag issue

    Thank you very much. Its ok now. Regards.
  6. AdamSvp21

    Flag issue

    But until a few months ago, the flag appeared. Even when I search my nick I can still see the icon but in other modes (survival, vs). Look the image. You can see three times the Peru Flag. I imagine that registers the time when I connected to the bug server .
  7. AdamSvp21

    Flag issue

    Hello. I have a trouble: The flag of my country (Peru) does not appear in the GC Rank. Sorry if it seems a small thing, but I wish I could see it. Thanks.
  8. AdamSvp21

    Christmas Top10

    My PC is not very good. It has low resources (look my fps: 40 or less ). That's why I put my resolution in 800x600. Then, the letter looks more big. Merry xmas to you too Anzul! Your posts in the forum teach me how to set my binds. Yes, but not for long. Merry christmas Peanut. No only to me, he also moved at Lookback at position 10. I knew that mine was temporary. After all, I only had 132 points of advantage. When I reconnected, Red Devil had 40k on that day. It is a pleasure for me play with you, DiXie.¡Feliz navidad! Don't Deadstop me
  9. AdamSvp21

    Christmas Top10

    I forgot to mention a lot of players, I know. Sorry about that. You are a pro player too ¡Feliz Navidad!
  10. AdamSvp21

    Christmas Top10

    Hi all. Eighteen months ago I started playing in this wonderful server and met many friendly and nice people. Since then, learn has been a long road that I had to walk and did not intend to go so far. I just wanted to have fun times. At first, I did not know how you did it to buy so fast, but gradually got to know the commands servers and investigating the binds in the forum. I want to thank everyone who took time to teach me and from whom I learned great things: Kazya (I remember the early mornings), Shafee (Trustworthy and reliable friend of the night), Dr. House (thank you for the videos) Lady Yuri (thanks for the lovely advices), Maestro (I remember the bloody bot stomping mornings), all Pro players, i always watch them when I die (Gandalf, Deadlock, General, Clony, Finlanderi, Shafee) and finally to the two people who made possible to me to enter the top10: Red Devil and Lookback. Thank you for not playing as much. XD I know the ranking is temporary and that eventually others will take my place, but this screenshot i will keep it in the trunk of my memories. Merry Christmas for everyone! Greetins from Perú. Sorry for my english.