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  1. SARS

    Is your Membership not working?

    Paid for membership yesterday. Hopefully can get it by tonight. SARS - STEAM_1:0:43393425
  2. SARS

    Trying to renew

    Hi JKap, were you getting this message? I'm trying to renew mine as well. I'm just wondering if someone could let us buy one?
  3. SARS

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    ^ Can we get this please? Also it would be nice to get points by doing chain charges, that would encourage players to do some chain charging. With all the nerfs that the chargers are getting, can we maybe at least change the 0.40 per damage to 0.60 maybe?
  4. ^This, also it would be nice to have an option on getting points by doing rocket jockeys
  5. SARS

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Infected used to be able to spam heals non-stop. I got Jackie to put a stop to that. Melee weapons is an effective counter, BUT new players to our servers and members who don't use binds to buy melee weapons ( cough cough ) get absolutely wrecked by chargers spamming heals. That's why there is a 3 second cooldown on SI spamming heals. But what if you're against a team of stacked survivors? Using conventional attacks ie; flying boomers would get you skeeted easily, the rest of the infected classes are pretty much ineffective since they'll get shot down instantly, unless they co-ordinate in some certain choke points, or buy some heals to dish a little damage if possible. Sticking to the main question, should we have the SI heal spams back? I would say no, but I'm in favor of reducing the Infected heal timer from 3 to 2 seconds, but have that as an infected upgrade maybe worth "25" points? That would certainly help the infected in some tough games with good survivors, and also a good compromise to some new players and members that don't use a melee weapon. Doesn't it give you a rewarding feeling when you can incapacitate a survivor by punching them down, crotching them to misery, or boomer scratching them for the lols? All of that with no tank. It's possible with SI heals, lowering it from 3 to 2 seconds? Even better.
  6. SARS

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Hello everyone, As one of the charger users here on this server, I agree with Leumash with reducing the heal timer. But considering that some people don't seem to appreciate the charger beat downs, maybe we could do a compromise? Have a buy option for infected to "reduce infected heal timer from 3 seconds to (2 or 1) seconds" that will cost 25 points. That way in the early rounds, the survivors won't feel overwhelmed with the OP chargers beating them down early. That's just my opinion and hopefully it can be addressed. Thank you.
  7. Hello, Any chance that you can change my name to SARS to match my steam name? Thanks
  8. SARS

    Witches in a tree

    Just 4 witches chilling in a tree
  9. YES NERF CHARGERS AND NERF HUNTERS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT!!!1 JK just pay attention and buy a melee weapon or shoot at the head. If a whole team is focusing on a charger and it's not dying that charger is losing points like crazy, not even worth it in my opinion unless you're going after a black and white. Good suggestions Lol it's pretty much just the charger heal costing such a low price. That's all. Ehh I'm not much of a melee guy. I prefer using pistols or magnums instead, even if I do suck with them. I like having some accuracy against distant targets. Headshots though? That's my thing :3 Hello Carlos, I wouldn't say they're cheap and annoying as hell, but they are quite costly in points when you heal them (As Thug said from the above post). But in my opinion, that strategy is a great way to set up an early incap so that the team can attack to farm up points. ie; high pounces, spits, and booms. One guy looses points madly, but the other's can farm up to get their tanks, witches, upgrades, and etc. It's a win/win from the infected team.
  10. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my video of Johnny and Yuri getting rekt. Hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/T9tiSDqqJMQ This is my first video, so feedback would be appreciated.